Get Auto Commissions Review – Is It a Scam?

Time for another review and today I am going to be talking about a new software program that goes by the name of Get Auto Commissions.

get auto commissions screencapGet Auto Commissions is supposed to be launched today Monday, 9th December and I’m guessing that the date they decided to launch this program wasn’t as random as you might think.

It’s just 16 days away from Christmas and everyone is busy trying to make a little extra money so they can buy gifts for their loved ones or to travel back home for the holidays.

From the video for Get Auto Commissions, they give you the idea that you can just download their software, run it and you’ll be making commissions on autopilot within a few minutes of set up. Just run the program and in a few days you’ll have more than enough money to buy everyone you know some holiday cheer.

Tim wants a new Xbox One? Tina wants an Iphone 5s? Ralphie wants a shiny BB gun?

Sure, Get Auto Commissions sells the idea of instant riches. Riches you can get by just owning a piece of software.

But beware Ralphie, you’ll shoot your eye out. The entire time I was watching the sales video for Get Auto Commissions, I couldn’t help but laugh at the bad acting, the ridiculous and obviously fake income claims and I was disgusted at the way Dave and Diana Daniels presented the entire thing as they appeared really dishonest pretty much like all the other scams I’ve exposed.

Below, I’m going to dish all the dirt on this Get Auto Commissions scam so you can avoid the disappointment of paying for another useless software program that promises you instant riches you definitely wouldn’t make.

Avoiding Disappointment – What You Need To Know about Get Auto Commissions

The first thing you should know is that I’ve been doing internet marketing since 2007 and I’ve seen my fair share of scam programs. From experience, I’ve come to a point where I can spot a scam by gathering a few points so you can confidently take everything I have to say below into consideration when deciding whether to get this program.

Based on my observations, here is why Get Auto Commissions falls in the category of scam and why you should definitely avoid getting involved.

(1) What Are they Selling?

Get Auto Commissions is a software program that helps you generate Youtube lyric videos and enables you to make money through that social network. (A reader details his experience with Get Auto Commissions in this post).

However, it isn’t clear in the sales video what exactly the product is and if I didn’t mention it here, you wouldn’t know until you paid for the program. All they mention in the video is that some kind of software is being used to generate affiliate commissions.

If the software was really worth it then there should not be a problem showing a demo video about how it works. A lot of these scam programs don’t tell you what the product is or what the software does because they aren’t confident about what it can do. Instead they would rather sell you the dream of instantly getting riches with the push of a button by showing off the huge numbers on their income statements and merchant accounts.

Rule of thumb, if you don’t know what you’re buying then don’t buy it. It will save you a lot of tears.

(2)  Income Claims are Ridiculous

It’s highly unethical the way this product is being sold. They show off their accounts and distract you with huge figures while giving you the idea that ordinary people, some of them with little to no experience, are making huge amounts of money.

You just assume that the income is generated through the use of the software but the truth is that these people are lying. The money in the accounts you see was generated by them selling similar programs and not by using the software. Also none of the actors actually made the money shown.

The truth is that the owner of the program has other similar scam programs he has released that generated huge sums of money on the days shown. People are buying these programs and that isn’t hard to believe. So it’s no surprise that the owner of the program, a guy by the name of Mike Auton makes over $1000 per day but he sure didn’t make the money by running the software he’s selling. More on Mike Auton and his other scam programs below.

I was reading a thread on the Warrior Forum and here’s what someone noticed about the income screenshots used in one of his video:

If you notice from the video, the Clickbank sales started coming in on January 23, 2012. Guess what else happened on January 23, 2012? A product launch for one of their other products called “Quick Click Commissions”, which apparently made it to number one on CB with a gravity over 600. In other words, the junk they’re peddling now had nothing to do with the sales in the video, they were generated by affiliates promoting this January launch. Talk about fraud, lies, and deception. That’s probably why this product isn’t on Clickbank.

This is the kind of dishonesty you can find with these type of programs and it’s the same for Get Auto Commissions. The income screenshots are likely from Mike’s previous program, Safe Simple Commissions, which is very similar to Get Auto Commissions.

Clicksure Account

Probably made promoting “Make Money with Meghan” (released Sunday Sept 1st).

(3) They’ll Do the Work for You?

I heard this at some point in the video and my blood started to boil.

I had someone write me a couple months ago when I reviewed Make Money with Meghan, that they set up the software, went to sleep and when they woke up and checked their account, nothing was happening. And this person was dead serious.

It just doesn’t work that way on the internet. It doesn’t work like that in the real world so why would it happen on the internet?

No one is going to do the work for you so that you can be paid thousands of dollars for doing nothing else but installing their software. Making money on the internet takes time and effort. You have to put in work to actually be paid even $1.

You have two choices, the click a button and do nothing method or the learn the process and put in effort method. If you chose the first method then you shouldn’t be looking for ways to make money on the internet.

(4) Diana and Dave Daniels Are Actors

No, they didn’t accidentally discover some loophole and develop a software that exploits it for all those millions in commissions.

Dave and Diana Daniels are actors and they’re just playing out a script. The real guy behind this rubbish is Mike Auton who happens to use actors for all his product sales videos.

So it’s important that you don’t buy into their story. They’ve probably never made a dime on the internet before.

Using actors to tell a story seems to be the trend now for these scams. The real owner probably already has a damaged reputation so he has to use actors sorta like how writers use pen-names. Too bad he’ll still get exposed.

(5) It’s on Clicksure

If I have to write the same review over and over again for all the scams that come out on Clicksure, I’ll do it so that people don’t get caught up in their crap.

I’ve stated before that Clicksure is a haven for scammers because they don’t seem to care that these dumb gurus are misleading people.

Clicksure doesn’t screen the income claims to see that they match up with what’s being promoted. Clickbank cleaned up their site some years ago and kicked out all the scammers because they were using misleading sales tactics and these scammers are taking advantage of Clicksure because they don’t have the same screening process.

If the product is using Clicksure as a payment processor then 98% of the time, it’s pretty much useless and you’ll almost always end up asking for a refund. And that could lead to another problem – the problem of actually getting a refund despite the 60 day money back guarantee.

Nearly all of Mike Auton’s programs use Clicksure and use the same deceptive marketing tactics. Get Auto Commissions is just the latest in a long line.

(6) Mike Auton – King of “Auto” Crap

Let’s talk about Mike Auton’s programs for a second. I found that he was the guy behind Get Auto Commissions because of the Facebook like button below the video which after a bit of digging really belongs to Safe Simple Commissions which is a product of his similar to this one.

This link led me to discover his other products which from the reviews I found made lots of people very unhappy.

Here’s a short list of some of those programs.

  • Mass Income Machines
  • Quick Click Commissions
  • One Minute Commissions
  • Safe Simple Commissions
  • Followed by Get Auto Commissions (see a trend there?)

I didn’t do much research on the first one but the other four all have pretty much the same deceptive marketing and bad reviews.

One guy summed it up by saying:

Mike Auton products are popular for two reasons:

– Bold claims and misleading sales letters
– Super Spammy auto products

Almost all his products use actors and  the products are poor quality or full of flaws. If you researched the small list above you will find that they aren’t long termed solutions and it’s impossible to generate a whole lot of money in any short space of time using them.

The Important Thing To Know About Making Money Online

If you’re new to making money on the internet, it’s important that you know what I’m going to tell you next because these gurus won’t tell you.

They tell you what you want to hear and push emotional buttons so that you can part with your money and get whatever useless shiny object they’re pushing at the moment.

They’ll never tell you the truth because the truth won’t sell as much of these shiny objects. The truth is dull, uninteresting and obvious. But it works.

So what’s the truth and why you won’t get anywhere by falling for Get Auto Commissions?

The reality is that it takes more than a push of a button on some secret software program to make lots of money online. It takes lots of effort and it takes time. Dave and Diana Daniels would rather tell you the opposite because everyone would rather get some money with little effort in the shortest amount of time possible than have to work and wait for it.

If you really want to make money online using affiliate marketing, regardless of whether you use a software program or not, you’re going to have to learn how to promote affiliate products. There is a process and in order for you to make money, you need to learn that process. This takes time and practice for you to get it right.

If you’d rather believe that there is some kind of secret technique out there that can speed up the process of making money on the internet, then you’re going to be spending a lot of money and asking for a lot of refunds while other people spend the time to learn the process and eventually make money.

How To Learn the Process of Making Money Online

Sadly, Get Auto Commissions will not make you money but there are lots of legitimate alternatives to learning the process of making money online.

You can eventually earn the type of money shown in the income screenshots for Get Auto Commissions but it won’t happen overnight or even in a few short days.

I’m not going to tell you that Get Auto Commissions is a duck and leave you to wander off into the wilderness only to be caught again. There are legit solutions.

If you’re serious about making money online then you can learn the process at a site that I use called Wealthy Affiliate.

Word of caution though. You won’t find any exciting videos with actors and shiny expensive cars and mansions. You won’t see any screenshots of figures that have nothing to do with what’s inside. Wealthy Affiliate is serious about changing lives by providing an education in online business.

The strategies are long termed and doesn’t depend on any particular social network. What you learn at Wealthy Affiliate can be applied for years to come and once you follow the step by step training provided, you can create a regular full time income just like I did.

You can read my review of Wealthy Affiliate here and get a free starter account to check it out.

In the comment section below, I want to hear from you. If you bought Get Auto Commissions, please tell of your experience. If you came here for the review and want to discuss this article, let me hear about it below.


  1. says

    Thanks for this review. Unfortunately in 2013 there are still many people who make such products and there are even more people who fall for such beautiful, misleading promises. “Make $1,000,000,342,344,567,255,123,657.98 overnight!” It’s really sad that people still fall for that.

    I hope people will be more careful an consider training centers like Wealthy Affiliate where they can actually learn how to start and run a successful online business.
    – Alex aka Canuck

    • says

      Very true Alex. It’s really ugly out there and people deserve to know the truth as well as the legitimate resources that are available to them.

      Thanks for the comment.

      • RUBY says

        HI,David and Diana i hope you get this becauuse it would mean alot to me and my two daughters that dont know im doing thisi i wont make it long ,i saw your video on a couple o my emails as you know christmas passed and im on a goverment monthly disability for severe depresion and anxiety so im tapped for money and dont and never did own a credit card anyway the resson im writing this is not for me iv never bin materialistic but i lost a few years with my girls and i never want to see them srugle the way i have and beleve me i could write abook they are good girls and id give my life to see them happy im not asking to be rich just enough help so they can be happy and not have to wonder if i can aford to buy the things they need im sorry im sure tou get this kind of stuff alot i would be happy aslong as you even took the time to read it sincerely Ruby.

        • says

          Hi Ruby, I’m sorry to disappoint you but David and Diana are probably not going to read my website most likely because they aren’t real people.

          They are actors who did a marketing movie to try to convince people to buy a software that in my opinion, is not going to produce the results they have people believe it would.

          • says

            The actors were just doing a job. They don’t care whether they are making an internet commercial or playing in Hamlet. as long as it pays the bills.
            The scammers must love the internet! It puts them in touch with millions of people – commercial most of whom are not big on experience but have lots of needs. The world s full of people with sad stories. Most of those people are desperate and willing to try things if the sales sound reasonable. That’s the button the scammers push. The scammers know there are millions of people who want lots of money and to live the lifestyle of the “Rich & Famous”. Many people are innocent and believe much (all?) of what they see on TV and the internet. They need to learn that “No One” is going to give away a method of making millions for nothing or even $49. Thank you for spreading the word about these and others like them. Hopefully people will listen to your warnings. They should also know that getting a refund can be difficult from criminals. Likely the money is spent as soon as it comes through the door.
            It’s pretty easy to spot the scammers – their commercials are full of people claiming to have made a fortune. They don’t talk about what they are selling or how the program works. They want people to believe they can become a millionaire for $49 and no work
            Thanks again — .

          • Claudia says

            What really sucks is paying for ANY software product and never even getting the download link OR any real “contact person” or link, to try to solve it! If I don’t get my download on a recent software purchase within the next 24 hours I’m contacting my credit card-its been more than a week and only a receipt—and no contact person!–They’ll put a stop to this s–t! as some of you may not know—-NOW most credit card companies will honor your request to reverse charges from people who don’t hold up their side of the purchase—-and its not a drawn out process either—just make the call when you can’t get resolution thru the person you purchased through! Hope this helps some people who failed to get what they paid for and/or failed to get a REFUND on stuff that’s bogus!

      • Tom says

        Friday 31/01/2014 Melbourne/au

        Hi Jay Gumbs!

        But of cause I’m a Newbie
        I’ve bought it, but I had NO time to use it due to that I attend English & Computer Classes. So, today I thought to search of who is behind of this software called.> Get Your Free Auto Commission X Website < Now I know who they are, thank you very much for your information. Is there a way that Mike Auron be put away or as we say it Down Under ( Behind Bars)? for misleading and or reaping off unaware people. You see I don't know wether I'll get my money back or NOT? I actually appreciate YOUR comments and I thank you immensely, You are a LIFE SAVER.
        Thank you very much for your well deserved information.

        Thank you
        Tom Karipidis

        • Claudia says

          IN the US most credit cards will reverse the charges from purchases that either were mis leading, or don’t work or they don’t provide what was paid for, or they fail to give requested refund! It isn’t a complicated process either—just make the call have your purchase receipt handy, tell em the situation and they take care of it for you!
          They are as fed up with the internet phonies as we are! Hope this helps!

  2. Mike Williams says

    I appreciate the comments….and a sad yet true result of many being scammed (like me – a true newbie!). I purchased several, but I did get my money back. What did I learn?….

    Exactly what I read here…..actors. Safe Simple Commissions (what a bogus scam), Cash Machines 2.0 (Empire Network), Empower Network….a complete , yet clever MLM creation of the winners (yeah right), only the top make anything….. Wealthy Affiliates (one of the best – like those guys Kyle and Carson!!), I joined…and will take some time.

    After 43 years in the business (Int’l Transporation) I was in – gaining skills that cannot be replaced. I left the 50-60hr stress….as I know, from what I read….there is a reason for these ON LINE BUSINESS OPPORTUNIES – they are in it for the money…..yet one must……find the right one, the honest one, the one with great support, without the fake actors, the colorful HTML, those who are clever with the push button phrases….I’m too old to fall for that. But it doesn’t matter how old you are…..old dogs do learn new tricks. And I am, I have learned, and am still learning.

    Thanks Jay
    Mike Williams

    • says

      Very true. It’s funny you mention how they’re in it for the money. All the screenshots of them making thousands of dollars a day are from scamming innocent people.

      Thanks for commenting Mike.

  3. says

    What a thorough article Jay! :) Congrats!

    It hurts my feelings to see scammers still coming up with these kind of products and poor folks falling for them.

    How do these people sleep at night!?

    Sad to say I’ve been on the other end multiple times of these scams and it’s not pretty.

    Thanks for airing these suckas out Jay!

  4. says

    Hi Jay, Dearest of all Scam Reviewers. :)
    Youve been clear, assertive, destructive and brutally honest! Well Done!
    One thing that no one is talking about neither on the superb review youve done before for the Meghan product, as far as I know is the following: How do they reach us?
    One (or at least me) gets to know this scam guys only by spam emails. I got to know this auto comissions and the MEGHAN Scam by two spam emails.

    How did YOU get to know this Auto Comissions? Spam is unwanted and thats the only way this guys get there unhappy parade.

    Well done Jay,
    Best for you family of three and best Christmas and happy new year!
    Teo in Brazil

    • says

      Great hearing from you Teo.

      Yes spam is one of the avenues these guys use to reach as many people as they like. They’re like annoying pests that you can’t get rid of. People who spam and people who scam seem to have the same thing in common – a lack of conscience.

      I found out about Get Auto Commissions, the same way I did Make Money with Meghan. I’m subscribed to a newsletter that announces these launches as I have to keep up with what’s going on in the “make money” industry. It’s a great way to know what the scam guys are up to next.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I wish you a happy Christmas and prosperous 2014.

  5. says

    I haven’t heard of Get Auto Commissions before this, but thank you for the advanced warning! I certainly wouldn’t want to shoot my eye out with this type of product. I hope others reading this are thoroughly convinced that this is NOT the way to go.

    Great review!

  6. says

    Wow, this one it certainly one to stay far far away from! Thanks for the warnings, really enjoyed reading the post.
    Have a lovely day! Cheers, Karina

  7. says

    This was a great review, very in depth and I didn’t realize Mike was “on a roll” with the whole commissions thing. Glad I read this because I’ll know to watch out for him. I also didn’t know that they used actors/actresses but it only makes sense, someone has to make nothing look good :)

    • says

      I like that – someone has to make NOTHING look good. Yes the actors certainly make the sales message entertaining. It’s just too bad a lot of people don’t realize that these guys are nothing but actors who probably haven’t even made a dime on the internet.

  8. says

    I’ve never heard of this “get auto commissions” program, but this is a very excellent review. It’s sad how many programs like this exist and how many more are popping up each and every day. The truth is people are desperate for money and don’t have a lot of time – they want something easy and quick, and unfortunately there are always people coming up with products like this to take advantage of that! It’s sad, but I don’t know how many times people will fall for this until they realize anything that claims to be done quick, easy and on “auto pilot” isn’t going to lead to actual success!

    • says

      Well said Wendy. These scammers would probably make so much more money if they were more honest. They just damage their reputations and go for a quick buck instead of respect and a stable, long term income.

      Thanks for reading.

  9. Kyle says

    No piece of software will ever make you rich and if this is what you are still looking for, STOP RIGHT NOW. Avoid programs with “auto” or “fast cash” in their title, because they are trying to sell you on some figurative dream. This is not a reality.

    Products like auto commissions give the industry a bad name and I think that it is great that you are giving these sorts of programs the negative limelight they deserve. The consumer and the opportunity seeker out there doesn’t need to be mislead like this.

    • says

      That’s exactly what this program is trying to sell – the figurative dream. You can tell from the sales video because they don’t even mention what the software is about so when people buy they’re only buying because they’re impressed by the income claims.

      Thanks for your thoughts on Get Auto Commissions, Kyle.

  10. Vince k says

    well written and well thought out
    it is amazing how many people still fall for this make a quick buck with zero effort scams
    Does anyone stop to wonder why someone would sell a program for $50 that makes as they claim thousands of dollars a day?
    if it was true why would they not hire a crew to work the program and keep%80 of the profit
    I have also seen a number of posts stating that the money back guarantee is as much a lie as the program itself

    • says

      Sometimes you get your money back and sometimes you don’t so that’s not a guarantee.

      If you click away from the site a number of times they’re so desperate for a sale that thr price comes right down to $9. If the software was that valuable to them they would not compromise just to get a sale. People are going to be disappointed anyway.

  11. Vince k says

    I have also noticed when I google this product how many seemingly bogus web sites that try to appear as being unaffiliated with the the sellers of these wet dreams
    giving positive reviews
    but after reading them they all seem to have links and even re direct you the main site where they play their sales pitch
    their positive appraisal use the same words/mannerisms
    clearly the “reviews” have been written by the same person
    no doubt some one from the auto commish team or mike a himself

    • says

      Good observation. Most of the sites are affiliates who have no ethics at all. They willingly promote crappy programs and give them glowing reviews because of the high commissions being paid to them by Mike.

      Its people like them who give internet marketing a bad name.

  12. says

    A rule of thumb: If something sounds to good to bee true, it probably is. But I think people really want it to be true so they fall for this bogus again and again.If they would just STOP, sit down and think for a while, they wouldn’t buy it.

    In my research for an mail auto-responder I got my name on a newsletter at (not the best i found out). But if you want comedy every day you should sign up for the newsletter. Here’s an example of what you are treated with:

    Keep up the good work

    WA / BasseBlues

  13. devin says

    yes hello i tried to buy auto commissions but it said failed to make purchase thank god i didn’t buy it .But then i saw another auto affiliate program called earn with mike i found a review that proved it was a scam like this one and it said that you would out your card info in and click purchase but then it would fail but they would have your card info and they would take out money from your card with out your authorization.Now i’m scared that that’s what get auto commissions does do they do this true if so how can i stop them from taking money our. could i sue them??

    • says

      Hey devin, I think you should contact your bank to be on the safe side. Explain your situation to them and tell them your concerns. You may be able to sue them (I’m not a lawyer so I won’t know) but you can also report them to the FTC or to

  14. AL says

    I fell for the trap, and purchased the ”Get Auto Commissions” system, just this past friday (12/14/2013). And your suspicion of them was Dead ON!… 100% on the MONEY! Let me tell you what they do (The Scheme and Plot): During their very loong introduction into explaining very little about their system and how (Exactly) it works… they tell you ”All you have to pay is $49.00 and that’s it… And there’s a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!… WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO LOSE??”… Just $49.00, no hidden fee’s”. THEN after you join ”Clicksure” (Their version of ”Clickbank”) and pay that $49.00 membership fee (They’ve got your money), guess what happens immediately after that payment transaction screen disappears???… ANOTHER Video, with typed right up under THAT video another ”Pay now for UPGRADE Button” with ”60 day money back Guarantee” wrapped around the bottom of it. And right above that video you see it say’s ”STEP 2” (Paying the $49.00 was ”Step 1”). So, the video starts to play and it’s ”Dave Daniels” (the soo called Loving, Caring and Trustworthy ”brother” of ”Dian Daniels”), all by himself, asking and begging you to take the next step in ”Upgrading your membership for another $195.00”, and saying that ”this offer won’t still be available if you say ”NO” to it… it will be gone FOREVER!” So, I get irritated and click the back button, immediately after I did that ”WAIT!”… ”OK, OK… you’re twisting my arm (It’s Diana), we can cut this upgrade deal down to just $95.00, because we want soo much for you to succeed”. So, in me thinking ”OK, but this better be it, and at the same time thinking ”This is ”Step-2” I might not be able to get this program started if I don’t take care of this step 2”, so I payed the $95.00. I got that out of the way thinking that “Surely it’s over… they won’t ask for anymore money… NO WAY!” Guess what… ANOTHER Video with a “Bonus (NOT ”UPGRADE” this time)- 60 Day Money Back Guarantee” Button along the bottom of it, pop’s up right after I pay the $95.00 transaction… I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT!… And it Had the dreaded ”Step 3” gracing across the top of that video. So, in the video, THIS time was ”Diana” (In the very first introduction video it’s Diana, Dave and their so called Dad)… She’s begging and selling you a supposed “Amazingly Free bonus” (”Free” for only $197.00) of “13 Money Making Machine Websites… that will easily generate $100’s of thousands of dollars per week”…. and trying to convince you why you need to add them to the system, and why they’re important to the system. She’s asking for another $197.00 (”FREE” Now). And just like here brother did in the earlier video (”Step 3), she tells you and literally Promises you that if you don’t say ”YES” to this ”Bonus”, it won’t be available later. So, out of even MORE Anger, Disappointment and Frustration… I try clicking ‘Back’ and the same thing happens (That happened when I tried to click back in the video before this one) ”WAIT’!’…. Then another quick video pops up, featuring their Dad, who say’s something like ”OK, OK… you got us… we’ll give you a discount. We’ll knock $100.00 off of this Bonus deal, and you pay only $97.00”. So, with my back against the wall…. I went on ahead and paid it. So, I finally get to the ”Membership” site (Had a hard time downloading their system into my computer, because if you have any Virus blocking programs in your computer, you have to temporarily disable them first, in order to download their product (Their product might BE an actual virus… lol), and they have a looong, deep page not only the ”Get Auto Commissions”, products, but OTHER soo called ”Fast Moneymaking” Website Systems… about 13-15 of them. And they’re ALL Designed to make Money off of you…. somehow, someway. And they ALL suggest that you purchase a Website from them, and pay for the Hosting. They ALL cost good money.

    So, I tried the Main Item of the ”Get Auto Commissions”- Fast Moneymaking System, and just like the Author of this Blog pointed out, what their System does… is Converts MP3 Music into Videos. But NOT Music Videos like you see on MTV with the singer performing… etc. These videos are ‘LYRIC’ videos. The video shows some sort of Stationary, Artistic Background, and as the music plays… the words for that song will pop up on the screen… and that’s it. The System provides you with an ‘MP3’ music website (Affiliated with them), that searches for any Music artists name, or song that you type in it’s box. THEN after you type that name in there, a list of Music MP3 Download sites will pop up under that ‘Search’ box. The main #1 Music Download website that was very constant with most of the songs/artist listed was a site called ”Zippyshare”, and another one, that showed up from time to time in that search was called ”2Shared”. So, I thought that I would be smart and look up ALL of the Currently Popular Artists and Songs (Surely I would get Traffic if they’re popular, and it’s on ‘Youtube!”… Yeah, I’ve got it made!”). I would type a popular artist in the search box of that website like ”Rihanna” or ”Pittbull”, i’d go to the sites posted by this music search website provided by the ”Get Auto Commissions” System, and when I pick choose one of them. Then you take that downloaded song and put it in the converter box of that same MP3 Website, that’s provided by ”GAC’s” (That very same MP3 site that you used for the search) and it’s supposed to convert that song into a ”Lyrics Music Video”, but it wouldn’t do it for MOST of the songs that I tried to convert via that system. It became like looking for a needle in a haystack… (Clicking on one website listed after another, until I found a Good File that would convert into a Lyric Video). I started this on a Sunday evening. I spent 6+ hours trying to find songs to convert into Lyric Videos, but 9 times out of 10… I kept coming up Empty. I started with the program around 3 oclock Sunday evening. Around 4pm is when I started looking for Videos. At about 12:30am at night, I had FINALLY finished posting Lyric Videos on ‘Youtube’, I found and posted only 5 lyric videos. When I went to bed that night… ”’NO VIEWS” on NONE of them (This is ”YOUTUBE” now). Woke up the next morning about (9:30am), looked at that youtube page… STILL “No Views” on NONE of them, I couldn’t believe it. So, I deleted ALL of them.

    Monday… just a few days ago, I sincerely asked for a Refund. I was not pleased or impressed with their product, and I CERTAINLY wasn’t going to turn to any of those OTHER Systems that they had listed there, for me to pay (Spend MORE money) a Website development company Another $90.00+ dollars to build me a site, and another $30.00+ per month for hosting that site… I wasn’t giving them NOT one more DIME of my money. So, I had to work to eventually find my way to ”Clicksure” to ask for the refund. ”Clciksure” responded by saying ”We’ll have to wait for GAC’s response. And the next day, GAC’s responded by saying something like ”We’re sorry to hear that you want a refund, but if you do the 7 steps (Youtube Lyric Music video) Plan, you’ll easily make your money back. Customer Service Personnel are available to assist you”. And, so I would tell them that i’m no longer interested in their product, but yet… the same similar, quick response… with NO NAME of the person who’s answering your refund messages for refund (ANOTHER ”Red Flag”)… whatsoever.

    So, if you’re thinking about getting involved with these peoples system, get ready to pay several hundreds of dollars to just get started alone. And GET READY to Sweat behind your Computer and do A LOTTT OF Work!… It’s NOT NEARLY as Quick and Easy as they make it seem it is to make money via their System. IF they’re system REALLY Works, and EVER Works, it’s going to take weeks, if not months. So, do the Wise and Smart thing and Keep that $241 – $450,00+ Dollars in your Bank Account. They’re just after your money, and they’re Greedy and Dishonest with their soo called ”60 DAY, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE”… forget about a ”Refund”. They’re Greedy. They can’t even handle paying me back $241.00.

    BEWARE OF ”GET AUTO COMMISSIONS”, and make sure you pass my message all over this internet. Because YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT Mr. Gumbs… They’re just looking to Catch everyone in the Shopping and Spending Mood… Right before Christmas and New Years. It’s DEFINITELY Not some strange Coincidence in them Releasing the soo called ”Money Making Engine System” to the rest of the Public (This System has been out for a while now) before these Holidays… They’re hopping and Planning to CLEAN UP!… and get MORE Suckers.

    Please Believe what i’m telling you here Folks… I can’t make this up!… I wouldn’t lie to you, God is my Witness. And I am a Man of God. Take my advice Good Folks, keep your wallet and credit cards in your pockets…. and RUN from ”GAC’s”. Don’t pay those Diana and Dave Bozos… and they’re Fake Smiles, any mind. Take from me… i’ve learned my lesson. PLEASE don’t do it. And Warn your friends and neighbors.

    Mr. Gumbs, I would like to report this ”Mike Auton” Scam/Ripoff Extraordinaire Character to the ‘BBB’. I’m glad I found your article, because I thought that the ”Dave and Diana” Clowns were the owners of ”GAC’s”, but I see that… THAT’S was just another coverup as well. And you know the funny thing: I looked at the bottom of the ”Business Opportunity” Email that they sent me, for an address, and the bottom said ”Diana Daniels, Dave Daniels-
    91245 Hilltop Square Lesserton, CA 354875″

    So, I looked that address up (”Googled” it)… and Lo and Behold, there’s no such Address. And there Certainly was no such thing in California as ”HILLTOP SQUARE” or ”Lesserton CA”. Even the Zip Code was WHACK! That right there ALONE should have raised big ”Red Flags”. But I was blinded by the ridiculous money amounts that they claimed you could generate, in short periods of time.

    So… If you have any info on this fella, where he resides, or where the ”GACS’s” business is located, then i’d sure appreciate that info. Because the BBB Website, requires this info in order to take action on these people and ”GAC’s”.



    • says

      Best comment ever! Thanks for sharing your experience with Get Auto Commissions Al.

      I think I’m going to highlight your review on another page so more people can see what I’m talking about.

    • Claudia says

      YOU are exactly right in all that you said Al! I just wish I had been able to FIND this site, BEFORE they GOT MY MONEY!:-( Everything you said is exactly SAME as it was for me—EXCEPT I have tried for over a week just to GET it to download and INSTALL on my new lap top—it WON’T !! I turned off anti virus protections to finally get it to download—but THEN my Windows 8 system stepped in with WARNING—“high risk to my machine, and PREVENTED me OPENING IT”! After several “submit tickets”, with “robotic” replies that were of no use—-I decided to OVER RIDE the WARNING from WINDOWS and INSTALL it anyway—GUESS what! After it looked like the “install” was COMPLETE and you’re suppose to click “finish” then here’s a NEW message I get
      —***”run time error.’75’: Path/File access error”—–so I tried several more times —same error message! So “my basic software” plus the two expensive UPGRADES I also fell for
      have been on my credit card for nearly a week and a half and I have NOTHIN—-I guess from what you said EVEN if I could GET IT ONTO MY MACHINE, there STILL would be no NEW INCOME to pay even for the amount I put on my credit card!! I also got support ticket replies that I felt were not from real humans—-it seemed like they were just “canned” responses of various possible issues—but never sounded like a real person addressing MY ISSUES at all—-also simple REGARDS—no name, no anything!
      Sadly I did do a google search BEFORE I submitted my credit card—but it was early enough after their launch I guess that nothing showed up—-this site didn’t and no other—-so I really needed it to work and get money coming in and was so excited—I too believed Diana and David were sincere owners of it all—-I am too old to be so stupid!
      Wish I’d seen this FIRST! I also am a woman of GOD! And I don’t LIE! I am telling this as additional information, so others won’t find out the hard way, what I have—IT WON’T EVEN INSTALL let alone let me USE it—So how could it work even if it was all that they say!!?? I’m very sad, I’m retired but desperately need a job—there are none—over a year and still no job for my needed additional income to survive—and its Christmas—I have grandchildren , I was counting on this to bring in at least SOME money—-didn’t have to be boat-loads —just SOME! Over the last 15 years I’ve bought more online stuff than I can even tell you—but no income, just lost dreams and lost money:-( if anybody can offer any suggestions for making my machine “accept this software”( WITHOUT hurting my bran new lap top!), that would be awesome since it sounds like they don’t respond to requests for refunds anyway—-it would be nice to at least get to TRY it—since my money is already tied up and may not be refunded:-( I’ll still try though—All help appreciated! I feel so defeated—I NEEDED it to be TRUE!

      • says

        Thanks for the feedback on Get Auto Commissions Claudia. It makes me sad to hear about all these bad experiences. I wish my site showed up when you searched.

        The software itself is trash and I don’t think you’ll make much money using it. There are many lies being told in the sales video, followed by the crap that exists when you make the purchase. They’re supposed to honor their 60 day money back guarantee. I suggest you keep all the email communications between GAC and yourself and then you can probably print them off and show them to your bank so they can do a chargeback for the amount spent.

        • Claudia says

          YES!! That’s exactly right—–I’ll give them the opportunity to do the right thing, but if they don’t, I will have copies of everything submitted and all replies back from them as well—also all/or most credit card companies will do all the follow-up, if my personal attempts at full refund fail—plus they will give consumers the contact info for the appropriate legal agencies that go after “international internet operations” that don ‘t honor their guarantee—we no longer have to just suffer those huge losses on faulty programs etc. That is something everybody needs to be made aware of—-their are legal agencies who will go after INTERNATIONAL internet deals, that don’t honor their guarantee—-to begin with, I was so happy and excited to use their program as promised, that I even put my expensive new lap top at RISK just to do everything I could to get their software to INSTALL and OPEN! But risky as that was to do—-the software STILL failed to install or open, even after many, many attempts—-simply won’t function at all on my machine—-maybe a real blessing after all—at least my machine seems to have survived it all—so far anyway!

      • Ana says

        Why do I get the feeling some of these responses themselves are written by the same person? It’s hard knowing who to trust here.

        • Claudia says

          Ana, just in case you are wondering, I simply had the same kind of experience a man named AL did, and I never heard of him or any of these people on here, until I kept having so many issues with the GET AUTO COMMISSIONS SOFTWARE (so I did a Google search to see if others had issues with it too) and finally one day THIS site showed up in the google search—so After reading lots of comments in here, and reading ALS—I thought, HE also had just about the same issues I DID—so then I made my lengthy comment, just as added info for anyone else who might be thinking about buying it—or if they already did, they’d know they were not alone in the problems they encountered. That was MY only motivation—to give others a “heads up”, and consider saving their money—as you see, I’m not promoting ANYTHING! I’m just very sad and dissapointed—I hoped it WAS as good as they said! I certainly would have been happy even with a LITTLE new income—ANY income!! But I never heard of Al or any of these people on here, until I was so fed up with the lack of a solution to the software issues, after wasting more than a week or more on back an forth submit tickets that seemed to come from robot replies instead of actual humans.

        • AL says

          Ana… that feeling is just that fake “GAC’s” Money and Video talking to you. Dave and Diana are both Extremely Convincing (Should be Lawyers/Attorneys), and they got both me and Mrs. Claudia… Please don’t be the next victim. I’m not here to sell you anything… you won’t see any links hidden in my comments… i’m just here to tell everyone the HONEST truth of my negative experience with these people. And besides that, it wouldn’t be right for me NOT to share my experience (To the Public) with these people… whether it be Good or Bad. What motivates me (And my one and ONLY motivation), is the very FACT that these people won’t give me back my money ($241.00)… that is my only motivation.


      • AL says

        lol… they got you too huh. Well… we live and we learn. There’s and old saying ”Fool me once… shame on you. Fool me TWICE… shame on ME”… lol. The Good news is (That we can learn from this), that them or no one ELSE who does these things that they do, in promoting so called ”FAST (online) MONEY MAKING SYSTEMS”, aren’t going to Fool us again. Let’s just look at this as an expensive investment and lesson, NOT to Ever let it happen again.

        And you know another thing that just came to my mind Mrs. Claudia: During these days and times when MANY, MANY People… ALL THROUGHOUT THE WORLD (Especially in the US here), have Lost their Jobs, and even High Paying Jobs… many Scam artists like this ”Auton” character, are seeing this as an Great Opportunity to ”Cash In” on that problem. This Job-Loss situation, is providing a very fertile ground for People like this guy and his bogus system to greatly succeed. And from the looks of things (According to the grim Forecast of our Financial Future here in America), it’s only going to get worse… we’re going to be seeing more and more of these ‘Auton’ types and their soo called ”Fast money making” schemes… this is only the beginning. But, at least we know… not to quickly get involved (If we ever mess up and do it again). This experience has made us Stronger in that area. That’s the very least I can take from my expensive experience.


    • John Wrobel says

      Same EXACT experience, purchased all the up grades then after getting to the “members site,” had no clue how to proceed. Called my cc company and disputed the charges. Interesting note; within seconds of ordering the intro system, I got a fraud alert that my cc was used for some resort in another country. Done with that nonsense.

    • Lea Benson says

      Al you are on point with everything you stated. It happened to me exactly like that. I even gave them the benefit of the doubt and gave it several days to “start” working. I even got my fiancé to try, I thought I was doing something wrong.
      The video has elderly people (actors) telling you how simple it was to use the software. Can you imagine how many people don’t try to get their money back out of shame? Not only by thinking it’s their fault but because it’s just embarrassing.
      Mr. Gumbs please research this THIEF Auton’s address and post it~I WANT TO MEET HIM UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL.

  15. AL says

    Oh… and please excuse and bare with my typos and misspells. I was in a hurry typing this loong thing. There’s no way to Edit the messages.

    God Bless, I hope many will learn from my Utter Stupidity in getting involved with these people.

      • AL says

        Again… Great Job!… with that Jay. Looks Very Good and Professional. You’re “Thee Man”.

        And I just want to Commend you for not following the very same route that most of the Blog guys are following in trying to Ride the Wave of this ”GAC’s” Hype, and Cash in on it, by Promoting it via their Websites. You’re one of only 2 (That i’ve found thus far) websites/blogs, who are trying to tell everyone the TRUTH about this Scam of a System. THANK YOU for Providing me with this Platform to vent and tell my story/experience with these people… and allowing me to do it for ‘FREE’. I tried to post this on some of those Business ”Dispute and Complaint” websites, but they want money… some even want you to join their website at $200.00+ dollars, to post your complaint. So, Thanks again Jay… for being such a Good Man. This Shows that you’re a Man of Great Character, and Great Integrity…. you don’t look to make money off of Crooked Products. Most of the Blogs who are promoting this System, don’t really know or CARE if it’s good or bad… all they know is that, they want to get paid in promoting it. God is going to Bless you for that Jay. Be on the Look-out for that Blessing.


      • AL says

        Mr. Hackenberger, You’re Very Welcome Sir. And Thanks for acknowledging me that it my experience was very helpful in helping you to save your Money and Time. I’m sure that there has to be Many, Many more people who’ve shared this very same experience that i’ve had… but I don’t know WHERE they are… lol. Save for the one Lady above in Claudia.

        Anyway… Merry Christmas to you Mr. Hackenberger, and Trust Me… by simply not purchasing that Get Rich Quick Scheme… you’ve made your Christmas much, much more peaceful, and brighter.


  16. says

    Thanks Jay. I was following your site regularly. But this time I saw it lately. What you are saying is right. This Get Auto commissions seems to be a biggest fraud on clicksure. They were in a hurry to release the products it seems, that they didn’t rehearsed for the act.
    Any ways, thanks again.
    I did join WA but I didn’t had much time to spend, so I discontinued.


  17. Claudia says

    Please do send me follow-up comments, on MY comment as well as other people’s. I didn’t see those “links” before I submitted my long comment. sorry!

  18. Vince k says

    I emailed a complaint to youtube stating that this program was a scam
    and for those who fell for it best way to get back at them since your not going to get your money back
    is a campaign of emailing utube ,credit card companies ,the FBI fraud internet division etc let people know this is a fraud before they buy
    once the buy is made that money is gone
    complaining here is not going to put them out of business or effect their bottom line

  19. Michele says

    Thank you Jay for the review and AL and Claudia for sharing your experience. Something didn’t feel right when I watched the videos. Thank you also for the suggestion of the Warrior Forum – I’d rather deal with dull truth any day. Have a great holiday and a very prosperous New Year.

    • Claudia says

      Wouldn’t it be nice though if JUST ONCE the “beautiful promises” of the sales videos were ACTUALLY TRUE AS PRESENTED!!! So disappointing to always find out (after the fact) that either it doesn’t function, or just isn’t real, or maybe both at the same time:-( Most consumers are just trying to improve their “already bleak finances”—-the last thing they need is to put money on a credit card (increasing their debt load ) only to be defeated still further by something that just takes advantage of their need for more money! Very sad.
      The lost time, lost hopes, and

  20. Matthew says

    Hey everyone! So is Click sure a Scam? I’m an affiliate here promoting their products and its my first week! I’ve made $260 from it but I don’t know how to withdraw it….I’m a bit scared to uploading my documents….i don’t want any money taken out of my checking account.

    • says

      I think you’ll be ok. The reason I don’t recommend Clicksure is because the majority of products on their network are misleading, low quality and sometimes outright scams. They also seem to not honor their own 60 day Clicksure promise and there are also other problems but if you’re an affiliate and you have aaproved funds to be withdrawn, I think they’ll pay you.

  21. abdella says

    hi jay ;
    i just want to kiss you fraternally of course…..!!
    i am tunisian i bought their scammy product you know get auto commission and of course nothing happen in my clickbank or clicksure account…when i wrote to them so ” we are sorry bla bla bla……”
    ans by putting in a google search (scam and getautocommission ) i found this topic….great yes really great thank you for reavealing these scammer these rubbish scammers…so go on don’t stop dear jay we are we poor inexperienced people dreaming in a better tomorrow behind you……until all these kind of scammer are puted in prison ..!!!!!

  22. Nancy says

    Thank you Jay for your excellent article. Unfortunately I didn’t find it until after being fooled and parting with some money. I am at present trying to get refunds of two amounts which I paid before the reality dawned on me that this was another scam. I sent a very long email to “Dave” asking for a clear explanation of what the product actually is/does, and stated that I would not be surprised but would be disappointed if I received no reply. My experience has been the same as Al and Claudia, but not to the same degree. However in spite of my two requests for refunds, which are awaiting my further comments, they are still sending me information about a “free” website, in fact they say 3 websites, but the catch is I have to pay a domain hosting fee for two years in advance; I’m not sure whether I’ve been duped again, as I left the page with one more field to be filled in for my credit card. Like Claudia, I am retired and since my finances were shattered by the GFC (as were many others) I would like enough money to pay for our pilgrimage which will be happening in about a year’s time. Like Claudia I have family members who I would like to help, but I’m not after the fortunes promised in the hype shown in the video. What really alerted me was when I scrolled down to the very bottom of the page (they probably don’t expect you to do that, because there in very very small print is the disclaimer that not all results will be the same, and also that actors have been used in “some” instances). Getautocommissions is unfortunately another scam, and when I googled for reviews, the first page was all written in praise of it, with the same script, I noticed, and had a link to the main page when I hit the back button to leave the ‘review’. Hopefully your page and review will stop others from falling into the trap. Thanks again for the honest info. Have a great day

  23. Friend says

    Hi friends, cause you should be friends when you´re advising people about scams on the web. I only have a question for all of you, What do you think about empower network and their products like the viral blogging system, etc.? I´ve just registered and paid the $25 fee and I´m thinking of buying their affiliate system paying $19.99 every month plus the $25 every month, what it´ll be around $45 monthly fee. Thanks for your help. Please answer as soon as you can.

  24. Friend says

    Hi, again Jay Gumbs, what AM are you doing? Maybe I can affiliate too and do it full time like you, cause I also quit my job and that´s what I want to do, AM full time. Thanks for your answer. So long!

  25. Friend says

    Hello friends, cause you should be friends when advising others about scams at the web. I only have a question for you, What do you think of Empower Network? I just registered a few days ago and paid $25 fee and I´m thinking of buying their affiliate system for $19.99 monthly fee, then I´ll be paying around a $45 monthly fee. but I don´t want to be scammed, so I´d appreciate your comments and help me. Thanks for your answers. And besides that Jay, I also want to do AM full time, so perhaps I´ll register in Whealhy Affiliate.

    • says

      Getting a Wealthy Affiliate account is a wise decision. They’ll teach you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing even if you haven’t the slightest idea how to get started.

    • says

      I didn’t realize there was a free trial but if you’re trying to cancel, you can contact their payment processor (Clicksure or Clickbetter, not sure) and tell them you want to cancel.

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