You Won’t Make Money With Meghan – It’s a Scam!

After looking at the sales video from Make Money with Meghan and checking out the offer, I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that this program is a scam.

Make Money with Meghan screengrab

In this review of Make Money with Meghan, I’ll show you why I think you should stay away from this offer and I’ll also expose the many lies you’re being told by Meghan Thompson.

To put it simple, you won’t make money with Meghan because the offer was set up so that she (or the people behind it) can make money off you even though it is supposed to be free.

There are too many reviews on the web when you search for “make money with meghan review” that tell you how much this is legit and how you’ll be making money just like Meghan but you need to know the real truth and I’m exposing it all here.

The Lies of Meghan Thompson

In the video, Meghan Thompson claims that she makes some serious amounts of money and even shows various screenshots of her online accounts showing her making as much as $45,000 per day.

She goes on to claim that she invented a secret system that allows her to flood her websites with traffic which is how she’s able to accumulate such incredible earnings.

Her secret system, she says, is only known to her and her closest business associates and she wants to share those secrets with you, unbelievably, for free.

Such a generous offer. Her reasoning is that she wants to help you make money as it will help her to make ever more money.

For her to help you, she’s letting her people put up a site that has her secret formula for making stupid amounts of cash built in so you’ll begin to make the type of money she makes starting today (or whenever you decide to get your free site set up).

Now I’ve seen this type of so called “free” offer before and I can tell you that it’s only designed to make the creators money while you seem to get something of value except that it doesn’t quite work out for you.

I’ll tell you more on that in a bit but first let me expose the lies Meghan is telling you to get you to sign up for her offer.

Meghan Thompson Lies about Her Income [Proof]

If you’ve seen the screenshots of Meghan’s accounts that she says she’s embarrassed about because she’s making so much money and you aren’t, then your eyes might have popped out of your head a bit in amazement.

Mines on the other hand squinted a bit with suspicion.

(1) Paypal Red Alert – One of the first red flags I noticed was in her Paypal account where her name was revealed to be Meghan Thompson. The welcome message with her name is in bright red.

After seeing this, I logged into my Paypal account only to see that the welcome message with my name is in a dullish orange color. This tells me that Meghan Thompson isn’t really Meghan Thompson at all. So she’s lying about her name to start off. Or maybe, her name is Meghan Thompson, but that’s not her Paypal account. The figure was probably ‘shopped too.

(2) Click Not Sure – Meghan then shows her Clicksure account where she’s making huge sums of money everyday. Well she must be one of the scammers on Clicksure because after seeing her Clickbank screenshots I’m convinced that all of these earnings are photoshopped to make her look like she’s making huge piles of money.

Here’s the Clickbank screenshot from the video I’m talking about:

Meghan Fake proof

Can you spot what’s wrong with this picture?

If you’re not familiar with Clickbank, you probably won’t. However, I have a Clickbank account and this picture screamed fake at me. Here’s why:

  • Notice the brown and green earning bars? On Tuesday April 9th, she made $40, 857.22. On the two days before she made more money than what she made on this day. Both of those bars should be longer than the one on Tuesday. On the day after she made over $43,000. However that bar is much shorter than the one on the day before when she made $3000 less.
  • At the top, all the weeks are wrong. Clickbank weeks usually end on a Tuesday. So where it says “week ending”, according to the daily sales snapshot, it should say week ending on 2013-04-09 and not 2013-04-10. This is how it is with ALL Clickbank accounts. Her week ended on Wednesday for some reason.
  • Because of this, her first weekly total should be $120,000+ and not $167,000+.

Meghan deliberately had her earnings doctored to show her earning large sums of money. If the Clickbank screenshot is fake, then you can bet that the Clicksure one is also fake and the Paypal screenshot also.

So what else is she lying about?

*Free* Empire Websites Won’t Make You Money

The main offer to Make Money with Meghan is a free website set up with her secret formula. This giveaway seems to hold a lot of value because it’s so easily accessibly.

Who wouldn’t want to own their own money making website? And without having to pay for it at all.

However, the lies continue as Meghan tries to get you to part with your money.

“I thought you said this thing was free!?”

Well, I didn’t say it but Meghan did and we know up to this point that she is a liar.

As I’ve said earlier on, I’ve encountered this kind of offer before where some internet entrepreneur offers to give you a free money generating website. I actually had one of those websites before and that was back in 2006 so this is an old trick.

The way it works is you’re offered a free website that makes money. Before you get your website set up for you, you’ll have to buy a domain name and you will also have to pay for website hosting. This is the way websites work. To have a website you need a domain and website hosting.

After you’ve already paid for both a domain and website hosting, the people behind the offer have to hold up their end of the bargain and give you your free website. However, they’re already paid as they get a cut of the money you paid for website hosting.

What they’ll do is upload your website which is basically the same cookie cutter website that promotes their program so if you actually do the work to promote your site, you will both get paid.

This is how it works. Here’s what they don’t tell you.

In the case of Meghan, she’s using the story of her having invented a system that generates huge sums of money on a daily basis to convince you to get your free Empire website.

What she doesn’t tell you is:

Meghan Site Setup(1) They Aren’t Free – You still have to pay for a domain and website hosting. And this is usually for a website that isn’t going to work very well as I’ll show you below.

(2) There Is No Secret – This is just a ploy to get you to pay for your free website. On the internet, there are rarely any secret formulas to making huge piles of cash. Making money online takes work just as in any other business.

(3) Empire Websites Aren’t Unique – For you to make money online, you need unique websites that have information that people want. With this type of scam, they aren’t going to build every person that signs up a new and unique website for free. You get the same cookie cutter website that someone else has.

In the website setup video, the voice over guy tells you to choose a domain name that is closely associated with Meghan. This means that the content on the sites has to do with promoting Meghan’s programs. Why else would you choose a domain like

Make Money with Meghan was set up so that she makes money and you don’t. You just won’t get anywhere if you’ve dreamed of starting your own internet business and making money online if you choose to follow a liar and a scammer like Meghan.

What Comes Next?

It really doesn’t matter what comes after you’ve set up your website. After all the lying and the familiar swindle, I didn’t stick around to find out.

You actually can’t anyhow. You need to have completed the payments to get your free site in order to see what comes next.

I’m sure it’s some kind of membership site where they show you how to make money with your new website. However, this only means that you’re still around so that they can make more money off you. After all, you’ve proven to them that you have a credit card or Paypal account and you’re willing to spend that money.

Meghan should be ashamed. The people behind it should be ashamed. The people who are writing good things about it on the internet should all be ashamed.

If you genuinely want to make money online and you’re really disappointed with people like Meghan, I will suggest that you check out my review of  Wealthy Affiliate.

This is where I learned how to make money online and I’ve been doing that since 2007 and even quit my day job in 2009 to do affiliate marketing full time.

In comparison to Make Money with Meghan, there is a huge community of helpful people at Wealthy Affiliate and even the owners get on the site and help out every day. There are no fake screenshots of earnings to get you to sign up for anything. Only ethical people who really want to help others are welcomed on the site.

And when you join for free, you’ll be able to create not one but TWO free websites that have a better chance at making money than anything Meghan can give to you. In addition to your two free websites, you will also get some great training on how to make money with your sites as well as support when you get stuck.

Finally, if you do get stuck, you can always visit my profile on Wealthy Affiliate and ask me any questions you like.

In the comments below, tell me about your experience with Make Money with Meghan Thompson or just leave your feedback. I’m also interested in anyone who have had one of the Empire sites built for them. Please share your experience so others can benefit.


  1. Lo says

    Thanks. I really mean that. One month ago I got taken by a mother and son deal, Randy and Jeanette Jett “Internet Secrets”, a “supposed” Google/Clickbank program. These two were really slick. So I appreciate your honest review of this “Meaghan” thing. I’m just a 62 yr. old wife, mom and grandma trying to replace the retirement savings my husband and I lost when he broke his back in work accident last year. It really is sad that there are so many people out to make money “at any cost.” Anyway Jay, thank you again. Believe me, your honest review really is appreciated.
    Lo F.

    • says

      You’re welcomed Lo.

      People need to know the truth because there are too many lies out there and too many innocent people are being exploited just because they’re looking for a way to supplement their income or get out of debt.

      I’m always glad when I could help someone like you. Money is cool and all but not when you have to lie and cheat just to have it.

      I’ll have to look into Randy and Jeanette’s Internet Secrets. I’ve never heard of it but I think I’ll post a review of that program so people can be informed about those two.

      Thanks for visiting and I wish you and your husband all the best.

          • Kevin says

            Hi there, I have been trying to get a refund for 6 months now and not once have I been acknowledged. Supposed to be “FREE” – B.S.! I fell into their trap and $1000.00 + later— I guess you know the rest!
            Is there any way that injured parties can get back at them in order to get their money back. Any one out there—“HELP”

          • says

            They have a 60 day money back guarantee through Clicksure. Did you contact them too.

            If you had commented about 4 months ago I would have told you to go to your bank and have them issue a chargeback. Now I don’t think theres much you can do. Sorry to hear you got scammed for so much.

  2. Wilton Rodger says

    Well at least I have the site.Hey its good to process this with you.
    I am very damn stupid,but there is something that draws one in

    -but I take this scam as ultimately serious-it wasn’t until I was in
    that I regret that I proceeded. See I live in Auckland New Zealand

    which is a long way from Chicago. There is an idiomatic adjustment
    -if you know what I mean.

    Seated in the opening shots beside Meaghan
    there is a guy in a kind of light pink shirt with a well coiffered black beard.

    And he I have seen before;-he played host to the chicka dees- distributed
    champers-and did the sell to cam to hook into the long rant to sell.A kind of
    recycled capitalist vamp, that clip told me everything I needed to know–the
    same old scam was being run.oh it runs and runs.It started with a guy named Caleb

    and the rant was green dancing letters-and he was a stoned out mugwump back from
    burning man in Arizona.He has a scam called Chronic Profits..Next came Chelsea-

    Apple note book,is a leafy nook–and then in a deco pad and I watched and noticed she
    held her hands together tightly-no natural expression,Just a broad.

    Then along came
    the archetypical blond in the Bently to the mansion-and she did her thing.

    And then there was another one and more and more..under the title of commission raids. So now I have a domain and hosting for a month and quite seriously its
    like a long drawn out net to trawl for suckers like me

    .Son of a bitch!, taken to the races-
    actually I was needing to learn the HTML codings on Affilate Marketing-I’m missing that one thing. -this is a repeating cyber con and these Atkinson and Meftah need to be made accountable in a court of law.I should have been wiser!. And I’m crawling round looking for enough to get by so we can eat.This is an expensive town

    How can we bust these creeps?/ I am not a violent person-I just feel like I let my
    guard down..and in walked these felons.It is the most elaborate scam I know.

    Well now I paid $83–at clicksure-which makes your card visible to all-I’m breaking all my rules! I like the domain name but its mine the hosting is mine–and I guess it gets me moving..End of Rant.

    You are very switched on about affiliate marketing. Maybe I could learn some from you?
    And get out of sleaze city. Excuse the rant. The whole of my inbox-is filled with scammy
    schemes! I am freaked that clicksure exposes my card to all and sundry-and there is no
    other payway. An error of judgement. The mark is suckered b/c at some level he wants
    something–money. Consumer and play. Create games of war then make them real.

    Hey I will let you go–but if its cool with you- I could visit you? And get a little more
    straightened out.Thanks for your time-

    wishing you every success–

    Wilton Rodger

      • says

        I signed up and got the domain and the hosting. Cost me $98. When I got to the welcome page my computer crashed and now I can’t get back in. They never sent me a start page. The site is a wordpress site with a few plugins that you would normally have to pay for. However, I can’t get into the “Meghan” site to see any of the tutorials.

        Does anyone have the meghan login page?

        My site is… Just in case you all wanted to see it.

        • says

          I changed a little bit of it around and changed the sign up window to direct to my aweber list. So at least they wont be getting any email addresses from me.

          WP Robot3, Pop Up Domination, Opt In Domination, and BrainHost Website Configuration are the plug ins they added to the WP site.

          WP Robot3 seems to be missing a key part to make it work. It wont let me start a campaign. They probably want me to upgrade for that.

        • says

          Thanks for the info Tim. That’s what I wanted to see – how the sites that they install for you look.

          Seems that they’re using the same theme on all of them because I came across one this morning and yours looks just like it with almost the same content. You can compare it with

          So now I’m wondering what the secret formula is that no one else has except her closest business partners.

          Sorry I can’t help with the login page but if you do get it take some screenshots of the inside for me.

        • says

          Charto, it doesn’t matter whether or not you understand how her system works. For the reasons I’ve laid out in the review, if you’re promoting it then you’re helping her (well Tim Atkinson really) to mislead others.

  3. Denis says

    Hi there. Great revealing article. I also caught some lie in CB earning claims some years ago. Yes it can be manipulated easily by playing with firefox addon FIREBUG. You know what? I make money by promoting these launching products – not much though. I am absolutely fed up of their systems or software. Many if not all are scams or doesn’t work. Meaning the system/software doesn’t bear fruit even if you follow it to the end.
    On the other hand they NEVER tell you what you will be getting for your purchase.
    This is what I am doing now. I write review articles about a coming up product. If I know it works, then I will recommend it but if I know it doesn’t I will recommend another that works. I admit the traffic is buyer traffic but getting rich by lying is not something any normal human will find it easy. Peace.

    • says

      That’s a great strategy for getting traffic Denis. Just as long as you do the ethical thing and tell the truth about these bs scam programs. I’m now convinced that EVERYTHING on Clicksure is a scam.

  4. Diosdado dela Rosa says

    Hi Jay! Your revelations about Meghan Thompson as a scammer and liar is quite true!

    I came across her blogging site emailed to me. Upon hearing that everything is free I proceeded all the way to the last three steps so I can have her empire website.

    The last step however is that one that required me to pay for the web hosting! I thought everything is free? From there I detected the lies, that Meghan is not really honest but out to make money out of others.

    I didn’t continue and just left the site as the last step was asking about credit card information even security codes! Can you believe that? Asking for security codes to a credit cards!

    I don’t have a credit card just a debit card and I’ve never paid anything online yet, but I got the intuition that I should never reveal such things to a foreigner.

    After a few hours Meghan emailed back to me and said that my application has been accepted! So just wondering what was going on I went to the link and went stright to the blog of Aaron Ward!

    I have also seen Aaron Wards cash machines before and did not bite because of the lies that I detected just like Meghan’s. Their blogs are the same, so sweet at first and so long only to end up paying and revealing credit card specifics!

    Thank you so much Jay, we need people like you exposing scammers and proposing new ways to earn income the legit and noble way.

    Greetings from the Philippines!


    • says

      You’re welcome Diosdado. I’m glad I could help. You should also unsubscribe from her emails. I was subscribed for a while so that I could see what they were doing and all I get is emails like “You’ve been accepted” and “You have a commission check for $9835.20” and things like that. The last time I saw emails in this format was when I went through my spam/junk folder.

      For anyone subscribed to Meghan Thompson’s email list, unsubscribe from her email list and if someone sent you the offer via email unsubscribe from their email list as well because all you’re going to get is junk email.

    • iNetCashCow says

      Hey Diosdado, i have bought some pretty good software’s over the years on the internet.

      “BUT” what i do is go and purchase a Visa/Master card from one of the stores that are PrePaid and i load it with only the amount i’m going to pay for the item and them maybe just a bit more. . . i can always use it in stores.

      anyway by doing that my information is not in the system for hackers to get – – they cant charge me any more than i load on the card – – and if it’s a monthly pay thing i can just not load anymore on the card if i decide to cancel my membership and i don’t have to worry that they might not stop when i tell them to – – – i have full control – – no information is out there – – – it works great – – –

      David – – – iNetCashCow

  5. joe adesine says

    thanks for this inspiring and eye opener article on this scarm people like u need recommendation big up to u brother. My country is not eligible on clickbank so i want u confirm if i can use clickbank direct deposite/ACH with my payoneer master card as a new affliate who has not recieve a dime from CB before or do i hjave to recieve my first payement true check before i can use the direct deposit.

      • joe adesine says

        Thanks for prompt responds i’m very much happy with ur reply. honestly i must say this u deserve a gold medal for ur contribution towards helping other to succeed in this online business kudos to u brother.

  6. Arpit Gala says

    nice to see a honest review
    i was just going through all the internet site to see which one is good to get some quick bugs from the internet
    meghan was one which i went still the 2nd step
    but had all sort of doubt about it.. n then i saw your review
    it really helped
    thank you.. its appreciable

    can u give your review for microworker site or any other according to you

    • says

      Hey Arpit, if you need me to review a particular site, go to my contact page and send me an email containing the url for the site and I’ll take a look and do a review.

  7. Richard says

    Hello.. I m very lucky not to buy the product at this time … Why?? When you process in the payment information section.. U can see the missing part which kind of credit card u are selecting and It requried , Full Name , What kind of credit card you want.. It is a red flag! Also when I got email and It lead me to That’s way I knew something is not right.. U did the homework right.. Thanks for sharing :)

  8. w.m says

    Actually I need extra money to support my life and I think internet / online is the best way to get extra money. Just now I got visited meghan money making website and almost tricked by her. I’m really happy found your review about meghan lies. But I want to share with you that I was register and follow the instructions set up until complete. But after finished filling all the information I was told that my registration did not succeed. After that I search information about Meghan through “google search” and found your review about her. I feel so regret because register in megan website but thankfully my registration is not accepted. In your opinion are there any problems after this because I have furnish the requested information included some personal information while filling the forms?
    Hopefully you can give me opinion .. thank you.

    best regards,
    from Malaysia.

    • says

      If your information didn’t go through then you should be ok. As a precautionary measure, check with your bank to see if there are any authorizations on your card and have them removed otherwise you could end up getting charged at a later date.

      If you get an email from Meghan just unsubscribe. All the best.

    • says

      My registration worked. However the link they sent me to log in was bogus. I emailed and emailed to get a proper link and all I got in return was the link to buy the product. Total scam. I am betting they took your money and wont give it back.

  9. says

    I was so excited to make $35,000 a day Free. I paid $240.30 for the domain and hosting. They told me the site would take 5 days. Heard nothing after 5 days,so emailed them. Than they say “We need some info, (like choose a Category)” Which I couldn’t do because I didn’t know what it was about. Then he says THEN we can set up the site.” A red flag came up. I said outloud – WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT. Then they have a video of a guy telling what I am to do, and it is nothing like what she promised. I just got the run around. I kept emailing different entities to tell them I wanted Meghan’s info, but no one was getting back to me. I only had one phone number and it was two guys from India with a 5th graders grammar level. I was getting mad. They had another tape, with a different presentation, not Meghan’s. I tried to find a number for Meghan in Miami. But no phone. I listened to her site four times to be sure I had done everything right. I only got to the domain name before it malfunctioned, and couldn’t finish the signup. I thought I somehow had gotten a glitch and was directed to another site. I emailed them that and also said ‘I’ll bet Meghan doesn’t know what is going on. I just could not believe she could do this. I was sooo frustrated. This went on for close to 3 weeks. I even asked my new friend in South America if she would listen to it. And she emailed me today & warned me about it, and luckily for me, found your site. I cancelled before I even read your entire review.
    The guy on her left (on the Yacht) is now pushing her program (I believe) called
    “Free”. To get to her members area go to
    [] By the way I am turning this over to This is the US Government Fraud Department.

    • says

      Lois, thanks for sharing your experience and I’m sorry you had such a terrible time. I think that there are many other people who share the same experience as you did who unfortunately didn’t see my review of the program.

      Definitely report it to and try to get a refund if you can or report it to your credit card’s bank so they could do a chargeback if you can’t get a refund.

      Free Commissions is also a scam that was out way before Meghan and both programs are owned by Tim Atkinson. Remember that name and stay away from anything he is tied to. Also Free Commissions is just about the same program as Make Money with Meghan, just with a different name.

    • Rich says

      Hey , if you ever want to get back at them, all you have to do is give us the user name and password to the members area! This is how you really expose a business. If it is a scam for you , it is a scam for us….. More and more people can see them for who they are, if they can get inside, or you can give an online recorded walk through…. Its time we stand up to those scammers!

  10. says

    I fell into this MMWM trap, but thankfully grabbed a branch on the way down. As stated above it is a complete scam. The hosting company ( is looking the other way too. Meg promises this costs nothing and that she will pay $100 for your hosting “out of her own pocket” (goodness of her heart?) She says the “$100 credit” will apply automatically. Then, too late, you learn the hosting costs $262.80 and NO CREDIT is applied! TIME TO EXIT STAGE LEFT! If your card went through you are about to see another evil player in this scheme, COOLHOSTING. When you call to get your account cancelled be prepared to speak Oriental dialect. There seem to be several choices on the automated system such as sales, technical, account billing, etc. Seems professional, but the SAME person answers all lines and gives you the exact same runaround. They just keep telling you it has been “escalated” but they don’t have the ability to confirm it. When you cancel online it promises to send you a confirmation. It doesn’t. You are left wondering if anyone is even handling your issue. (They probably aren’t) When you threaten twice a day for a week, they will send you an email (which they say you missed), but which plainly says it is NOT A CONFIRMATION. This is clearly a time-buying strategy. It took me a week of calls over and over to get past the Oriental front person. For a week she told me it takes 24 hours. I finally (on a Thursday) told her I would call the FBI on Monday if the money was not back in my account. I see it has finally been posted, but I can’t rest until it clears. If you see anything that says Meghan and money in the same breath or COOLHOSTING, I tell you, RUN, RUN, RUN FAST, RUN FAR, RUN FAST AND FAR! And keep running. Stay away from these thieves!

    • says

      Thanks for sharing your experience with Meghan and Coolhosting Ronnie. This scam runs deeper than I thought it did and I hope the idiots behind it get into some real trouble.

      • says

        If everyone would contact the FBI site, maybe they would be persuaded to investigate. I know the hosting company did not move until I suggested a visit from the FBI. Hope they get what’s coming to them. Too many honest people are being gobbled up by these wolves.

  11. says

    Hi Jay,
    Thanks for the review of Meghan. All comments are so revealing and learning from them. What a lince sigh on the green and brown bars… haha. :)
    Tim was awesome with his feedback. Im happy after some time I got my Payoneer Card arriving here in Brazil :)
    cheers and hope you answer me the mail I sent on the contact link.
    Best for you ALL!

      • says

        Great to hear from you Jay! Please take your time. This is very important for me, important and not urgent thought I will be very happy for the time you invest in understanding the situation and possibly starting a nice relation, Enjoy this day!
        Its your day. Make it the best!

  12. says

    Great review, Jay! Thanks! I’ve gotten into the habit–before hitting the Buy Now button–with sites like hers, of opening a new browser window and doing a “review search” of the program … and, in this case, found you. (I’ll look into the program you mentioned above. You’ve got credibility with me already.)

    If you have any interest, I’ve been in the “storable food” business since 1994 (online since 1996) and we’ve recently started an affiliate program where you can make money promoting FOOD (hmmmm. What percentage of Americans EAT, I wonder….) You GOTTA try our unique line of private-label canned meats. They have no water added.

    Here’s the link:

    Our site,, is for info and the .net one is the shopping cart. If you’d like to chat, I take calls personally (from 8am to 10pm) 7 days-a-week: 903-356-3917 (fax tone = line-in-use).

    Thanks, again, for your review!

    Best regards,


  13. Seamus says

    Got the link from a so called e-mail buddy any I watched the video all the way to the way untill the payment page carried on and silly me gave me c/c , but even after not requesting any of their hosting or web building system bang i was hit for $262.80 some free web site
    Yes I got scamed silly me, If there is a Meghan Thompson she should put behind bars but ill bte you she some ham actor and there aer bigger fish running the SCAM.

  14. steven says

    Hi Jay,
    Thank you very much. I was nearly got scammed by this bastard “megan”. I realised it was a scam when it asked me for credit card info’. I clicked away immediately. I wonder whether the federal govt would assist foreigners who were scammed in the internet.
    In my opinion, you put-out a list of the internet scammers to help people from falling into the traps.

    • Seamus says

      I made thr BIGGEST error of my life, after watching the video and hearing her (maghan) saying everthing FREE ,web site,and anything and any help you needed and she would hold your hand all the way to get you set up and making money all the way through the video.
      I said to myself they must need my credit card as a way to pay me so I gave it to them, when the next page came up it was the four items you need to have aweb site built for you (web hosting , and all the other tools need all with a price attached but you had to click on which you wanted.
      I refused to click on any of them but went to the next page to see where it would lead and this is what I got on the next page what a shock I got this is only part of the page for the e-mail page I got you will understand why I cant show it all, but I GOT RIPPED OFF now i’m fighting with my credit card company/ bank to try and git my mony back.So boys and girls out there Meghan or how ever is running the site should be put behind bars it’s the only way to stop this scamming. Good buy and take care.

      CoolHandle Hosting
      27 Oct (2 days ago)

      to Seamus

      Dear Seamus

      Thank you for your recent payment. This is a payment receipt for Invoice number 999583138 generated on 10/26/2013. The payment has been billed to the credit card on record with us.


      Status: Paid
      Amount: $262.80

      The charge on your credit card statement will appear as COOLHANDLE.COM
      Note: Depending on your geographic location, an international fee pay appear on your credit card statement.

  15. says

    I searched out this site as I was about to sign up to Megan, idea, I certainly glad I looked at it here, and not made a bad mistake.
    I to would back what you say about Wealthy Affiliates, they are the best, and honest with it.
    Thank you for sharing

    • Seamus says

      Hi fokes,
      Would any of you know how I can get my message of how I was scamed to the top
      of Google’s information site.




      • says

        Have you checked out the site that I recommended? The Wealthy Affiliate site I mentioned will give you two free websites you can use to post your review and the training it takes to get it to the top of Google. Thats how I got this review in the top 5 for a number of searches.

        In any case, people are already reading about your experience when they check out this page because its listed so high on Google. I’d still encourage you to post your own independent review so others can read it and avoid getting scammed.

  16. Robyn says

    Thanks for the info on Meghan money Meghan! I was on the domain hosting page, but decided I better check for a review. I could only find Meghan reviewing Meghan at first. Thank you for the great eye on the screen shots!!!!
    Do you have any knowledge of any promotions by Ewen Chia of Ewen Chia? I am seriously considering ordering from him. He seems to be legit.
    Thanks for your help!!

    • says

      I know about Ewen Chia but I haven’t checked out any of his stuff so I can’t really say for sure. The only thing I’d be careful with is how up to date the information is. There are lots of changes going on in affiliate marketing and you need a system that gives you the new updates whenever they happen.

      If there’s any of Ewen Chia’s stuff in particular that you want me to review let me know and I’ll check it out.

  17. Jason Douglas says

    Hey Jay, thank you very much for such an indepth and honest review of this ‘make money with Meghan scam’. I was about to make a serious mistake and just at the last moment when I was about to sign up for domain name etc, I felt like just checking for reviews on this. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

  18. says

    Thanks for the great info. I was about to buy the scam.
    Can you recommend a quality online program that, even if you have to pay for it, can give you some profit in the months to come? Is there something honest that works out there?

    After one year of searching I found Wealthy Affiliates that you also recommend Jay. It sure is a great place to learn and to build your two free websites. You people check it out.

    [Edited by admin to remove self-promotional content.]
    I’ll be waiting for an honest program recommendation.


  19. harry says

    Thank you Jay for this review.

    You prevented me for throwing money “out of the window”.
    I found Wealthy Affiliate already earlier; also found there
    more information about scam programs offered, to make
    huge amounts of money….

    Best regards from The Netherlands

  20. Helene says

    I got an email from Ryan@commissioncoverup. (net?). What tipped me off, other than being scammed by George Brown recently, ist that Megan is cut and pasted onto that cruise ship!!! I know better than to click a link in an e-mail from an unknown source; but that is what I did. I wonder what kind of trouble that will bring me now.

    Another tip-off is that one of her pages literally did not let me leave– sending me the “are you sure you want to close this page” message over twenty times before giving up; and sending me to another video each time — including one that had her saying “now that you have sent me your email, you have access….” I literally had to be sure I was leaving the page more than twenty times before it released me.

    • says

      Thanks Helene for leaving your observations. The desperate things these marketers do for money. I’m so fed up right now but I’ll never get tired of exposing their asses.

  21. Chad S. says

    Thank you for this wonderful review Jay. I’ve been looking at internet review sites for years and mostly they are designed to capture more traffic for sales conversions during a particular product launch. This one is the best I’ve read. I’ve tried many IM fancy video 5 click wonders in hopes of generating just a fraction of what’s claimed on the sales page only to be defeated by failure. I can tell you I’ve seen nothing on Clicksure that is actually decent for making money online. Honestly, not sure why anyone would buy from them when they do not require “Income Validation” for promotional material. Anyone who can create a page can lie their way into promoting the next big thing with no repercussions from anyone, just a fancy paycheck for them.

    • says

      You’re absolutely right Chad. If it’s on Clicksure you can bet that its no good. Clicksure has gotten itself a bad reputation for allowing these scammers to do whatever they like and I’m sure any reputable marketer knows this by now and will steer clear and opt for legit places like Clickbank. Cant wait til they shut Clicksure down.

  22. says

    I received this url by Justin Price – And this Justin Price was the one who sent me the Meghan Thomsom Scam by mail. Justin’s product is about “” the growing industry and currency called BITCOIN “” Is it true or scam? I guess it is.
    The millionaire app by Richard Carter also was received this week… and its similar tu Justin’s

    • says

      Looks like you need to unsubscribe from Justin Price.

      Home earners kit sounds like a scam I exposed a couple years ago when there were all these fake blogs and fake news sites reporting stories that weren’t true to try to lure in unsuspecting folks to sign up for a kit on how to work from home for Google. I can’t seem to access the url though so I don’t know if it’s really like that.

      If Justin sent you both of these then he’s really trying to ruin his own reputation because neither of his recommendations are good.

      As for the Bitcoin thing, I’ve never had any type of interest in that and I don’t think I’ll be anytime soon. Hence, I can’t really speak on whether his product is a scam or not. But I won’t take any more of Justin’s recommendations nor would I trust anything he says.

    • says

      No problem Abe. In the email they send you, scroll right down to the bottom and look for the tiny worded text. You should see a link that says unsubscribe. Click that and take the appropriate action on the page that opens.

      If someone sent you the link to Meghan’s stuff, I would also recommend that you unsubscribe from that persons emails too.

  23. rose suzuki says

    im a beginner on money making online, i watched meghan video from cliksure got so convinced with her ALL IS FREE, ive got signed up but when i reach the second level which was a creating a website a cool handl i got surprise for the billing amount, so ive stopped, and look for some reviews on scam, and i found your review, im so thankful for you, for sharing your experiences.. God Bless You and more power to your business

    Thanks a lot,

  24. says

    Thank you so much Jay… I almost gave my bank account information to that scammer. Her video really convinced me but I dont know why I were like that. It cant be possible to earn money from doing nothing at all, and that empire website… How could I earn from a website that I cant edit ?¡ Are they supposed to know what should I sell? Finally I found your review and here I am with the security of not having thrown my money to the WC…..

  25. says

    “Are they supposed to know what I should sell?”

    That is a very good question that I’m glad you asked yourself Patricia. And I’m glad you shared it here.

    Meghan’s focus should have first been on educating people about how making money online works instead of trying to hype her stupid websites and showing off her bogus earnings.

    Once anyone gets involved in this they’re entering a seriously competitive market that they know nothing about which guarantees failure.

    Better to know what you plan on selling first, then you could get a domain and website to build your internet business around.

    Thanks for your comment.

  26. star says

    So sorry to hear how different ones are being scammed . Been working online for over 7yrs
    been caught in the trap as well.

  27. latafat says

    Thank you.. thank you so much i was going to invest in this site but when i read what did u tell us i’m really glad that there is still people like u who tell us about the truth thank u once again

  28. Joe says

    Hey Jay,

    I almost fell for this too and like the others here, when I got to the part with the credit card info I went to Google and found this site. Thanks for putting up this review and helping people out!

  29. Mohammed Saheen says


  30. Fufu says

    Hi, thanks for your done here.
    Really her video demo was good I thought I can be a part of her business and be a rich.
    Finally, last page said buy domain name for 265.?? what is this???
    She said FREE,FREE, and FREE!
    I know free is more expensive, but I felt bad which pay first from me!
    She said in the demo that you make money, and I make money.
    No, she makes money first then I stop and close the site.

    I got next day(today) email from her what you got the life time membership ,so you click here!
    What is this?
    I click link [link removed by admin; Meghan’s affiliate link to Automated Income App dot com] next is [link removed by admin; Automated Income App members area]
    last [link removed by admin; Global Trader 365 dot com]
    What’s going on?
    I thought she give me free her website(affiliate) or her soft wear(success tools) ……..???
    Why is it connecting to globaltrader365 ,,,, above in the comments connecting to different, final step for people who stop to pay domain name.
    I got today her email.
    Globaltarder365 page was weird ,please try see it.
    It says how much you want pay?

    WAIT….sure totally unexpected page and don’t know about trade.
    I research on her website what was nothing talking about trade!!!!
    Now, I arrived in here. She if fake.

    Thank you again. Jay
    PS I am unsuccessful Amway.I spent for $5000 in 2004.
    But still looking for making money on line.


    • says

      Hey Fufu. Thanks for sharing your experience with Make Money with Meghan.

      This happens a lot with scammers and shows how little they care about you making money. Here they are linking you to some questionable website that isn’t even a part of what you signed up for. They just want to make as much money off you before you decide you want to have nothing to do with them.

      If you haven’t unsubscribed as yet, please take a moment to remove yourself from her email list. Just open any of her emails and scroll right to the bottom and look for the unsubscribe link.

      That ensures that she wouldn’t send you any emails and you wouldn’t accidentally get refered to any of her scammer friends.

      Lastly if you’re still interested in making money online then check out review for Wealthy Affiliate which I can totally vouch for because I’m a member there.

      • Fufu says

        I did unsubscribe from Meghan email also globaltrader365.

        Grobaltrader365 is more scum site!!! than Meghan(she is a puppet doll?) because who put big amount money the site with credit card, then company no respond any contact therefor money never comeback.
        People fights who lost money to claim and take court according to formal act that I read these results in the review page. Never ever do !
        sorry people :(

        I try to check Wealthy affiliate.


      • Prasad says

        Thank you dear Jay for your review. I came back from the 2nd step of Meghan’s thing after verifying your review. And may I know about Wealthy Affiliate that you mentioned above?
        With best Regards.

  31. Henry says

    Thanks alot uve saved my dollars.. i was to fall in the trap today but thought on checking the reveiws about the experiences other people have got from the product.

  32. simikera says


    I am regret of paying my money $49 for the money formula and meghan.. I am a victim of these scams..Please don’t you make any attempt to join them.. all you’ll end up is regret like me..and now am still find ways to refund my money as they also mentioned 100% 60 days money guarantee, trust me you’ll never get your money.

    • says

      Yeah the “money back” thing isn’t really guaranteed since the billing company (Clicksure) leaves the refunds up to the scammers. You can always contact your bank and have them do a chargeback if things don’t work out.

  33. Renat says

    Thanks Jay for your information and everybody leaving comments. I get a lot of spam e-mails from ‘Binary Options Systems’ and others offering free webinars explaining how you can get started to make a lot of money in the ‘Binary Options’ automated trading scheme. BEWARE! There are many Binary Options Brokers involved with this kind of automated trading scheme. First they make money for you- then they clean out your account with the Broker at a speedy rate while you’ve disconnected the automated platform only to find out that it has not been disconnected! Try to get your money back – I got scammed. Could you do research on this Jay? Hopefully I will get my money back from the Fraud Dept. of the Credit Card and also ‘click sure’ . Thanks for your good work Jay.

    • says

      You’re welcome Renat.

      Binary options “trading” is more like gambling so I won’t recommend anyone to get into that type of thing at all to try to make money. From the little I’ve read about this probably about 6 months ago, you’re almost guaranteed to lose your money even if you start out gaining.

      If this was something you were sold through Clicksure then you can contact them for a refund citing their “Clicksure Promise” and if they don’t respond or give your refund (if you bought the product less than 60 days ago) then you can always contact your credit card company for a chargeback.

      • Renat says

        Hi Jar,
        thank you for your prompt feedback and you positive suggestion for handling ‘clicksure’
        I did contact them and got an e-mail confirming to receive a refund. It will take up to 20 days. But I asked for a refund within a short period – like 14 days – and explained the scam – as the front end platform for automated trading stopped working 2 times for several days with no personal support as was promised originally. So I hope ‘clicksure’ will follow through – I know that ‘clickbank’ always has. But I understand ‘clicksure’ is out of HonKong. Keep up your good work.

  34. Jacklyn says

    Im from the bahamas and i listen to meghan video from start to finish and in step 2 when she said all i have to do is pay for hosting fee my antenas went up just glad i did n,t pay for it she a big fat LIAR just so sad what people will do for money.

  35. Olivia says

    I have been getting about 20 emails a day from Megan and her partners the worst thing is when i try to unsubscribe the link says invalad i carnt stop them sending me bogus emails i tried to send them one to stop them but none of them will go through im so glad i dident sign up with them.

    • says

      If you can’t unsubscribe because they’re making it difficult, just keep hitting the spam button on all of their emails and soon they’ll stop appearing in your inbox.

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