Megastoon Review: Is Real or Fake?

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This week’s Friday Q&A question comes from E. Smart of Nigeria. He asked:

Hello Jay, thanks for the info on Make Money with Meghan. ls real or fake? They were to pay me $640 on 29/11 but till now, l have not heard from them. Please, check and reply me. Thanks.

Is Real or Fake?

When I went to, my first impression wasn’t good. The site looked very amateurish in design and there were lots of bad grammar and spelling mistakes. This is not a good sign at all as any legitimate company would make sure that they have their homepage professionally and aesthetically designed considering the nature of their offer.

There were other things that jumped out at me, like the guarantee. The site says that $1500 in your first 7 days just doing some 15 – 30 minute tasks which to me sounded very unrealistic.

Next, I tried to register but the registration page was not secure meaning anyone could see your information which includes your password and email address so I didn’t bother to do that. Again it looks like someone just threw together a site one late night in their bedroom.

I investigated further and found that was registered to a guy named Kenneth Anderberg and the site was hosted through some servers located in France.

The copyright information at the bottom of the site says 2013 – 2015 but the site was only registered for one year and the domain expires in April of 2014 (next 4 months). This is a common practice with these type of scammers as they would put up a site, catch a bunch of people then let the site expire only to create another one.

The promise of good pay is a lure for persons to create an account and do the tasks which will inevitably go unpaid.

Megastoon.comUpon further investigation into’s reputation, I found that one guy complained to stating that he had accumulated $1440 by doing tasks on the site but was never paid. A search on Google revealed that other persons had similar problems with getting paid.

Interestingly, it looks like this isn’t the first time Kenneth Anderberg has done this type of scam site. He has another site called which had 9 complaints for the same thing on looked even more amateurishly designed but you can definitely see the similarities to Megastoon.

So in review, here’s why Megastoon is fake and most likely means you won’t get paid:

  • amateurish design suggests thrown together site
  • numerous grammar and spelling errors on homepage
  • unsecure registration page
  • domain expires soon
  • unrealistic guarantee
  • complaints about non-payment of earnings exists
  • Kenneth Anderberg has similar sites with similar complaints

Why All The Trouble?

So why would someone run a scam like this?

It turns out that I have had a recent experience with a site like My cousin sent me the link to a site and was raving about how he had already made over $300 referring friends. I checked it out, signed up and told him that he wasn’t going to get paid.

The site was called and I remember it had an FAQ item similar to the one on Megastoon.

This can’t be real. Are you giving free money?
No, we are not giving away free money. We are paying you in order to generate traffic to our website. We will get paid from our advertisers for the traffic we bring to them.

Here’s how it works:

The owner is an affiliate of offers that will pay him to get people to fill out a form or do a simple survey. The advertisers for these offers will pay anywhere from 0.50 cents to $50 (or in Euro currency since he’s from France) depending on how much info is needed on the form or how much the advertiser will get later on down the line.

So the owner throws up a quick site and promises to pay persons (in the case of Megastoon) a signup bonus of $15 plus $2 to refer others to the site. The referred persons will do the same thing. The tasks mentioned inside the site are the advertiser offers. Once an offer is filled out, the owner for the site will get paid but unfortunately, the person who did the “task” will not.

Owner collects his earnings from the advertisers, never pays and repeats the process with more scam sites.

Do Your Due Diligence

Finding the info I needed on Megastoon wasn’t too hard. Some of the info I found may not be obvious to the casual internet surfer but you can always search for reviews on these types of sites.

It’s important to always do your research before you commit yourself to these opportunities. In the end, no one wants to get ripped off. Even if you didn’t spend any money, there is still a time investment.

Megastoon turned out to be a fake site and if you’re reading this then hopefully you’re reading this as a result of doing your due diligence before registering for the site.

If you’re trying to make money online, check out my #1 rated program that teaches you how to build a successful internet business and if you have a question you want answered in next Friday’s Q&A, you can always ask in the comments or send it to me via the contact page. Be sure to put a name and location or a website you own for your question to be featured.


  1. sachin kumar says

    sir he says give instant paymene max 1~2 working days, my refeerral link is [link removed], but i not get instant payment , my income is 1029usd and username is sachinkumar0275, please help

  2. francisco says

    Hola amigos yo hace poco estuve en MEGASTOON.COM y tenia 2700$ ganados pero descubri que era falso y de esto hace como una semana mas o menos.En ese caso yo consulte con mi abogado lo que me paso y lo unico que me dijo que podia DEMANDARLO
    que seria lo ideal juntarnos toda la gente que nos an estafado y ponernos de acuerdo y denunciarlo.

  3. francisco says

    Ahora estoy en Globalshare que es una red social que paga por afiliar gente y te ganas unas acciones.Me gustaria que algien investige si de verdad paga o no.llevo como un mes y tengo ya mas de 620 amigos .

    Si algien me puede ayudar a decirme si paga o no seria genial y corto por lo sano tambien.

  4. Louis Berger says is a scam. I have been waiting on my payment since March 2014. It is now June 24. Still no payment. On my account it say status: PAID. They will no reply to my e mails.

  5. Rui Manuel de Oliveira Prata says

    O site megastoon deve-me 325 dollares estou disposto a lutar para receber o que é meu vou enviar um email. para a policia inglesa quem quizer juntar-se a mim responda para o meu email [email removed by admin to protect privacy] a união faz a força!

  6. says

    Hey, it looks like you are awesome on researches.

    Anyways, do you have any alternative websites which pay for referrals? If so, please tell me. This online job seems easy for me.

    • says

      Most of the legit sites that pay for referrals don’t pay much per referral. Maybe $1 or $2 per referral the most you’ll get. You can earn more if you refer sales but it takes a lot of work to see any significant amount of money.

      Look for an affiliate program link in the footer of websites that you visit if you’re interested in sites that pay you to refer sales.

        • says

          I can give you many sites. It depends on what you’re interested in promoting, whether you just want to earn for free referrals (don’t know too many of these) or for sales. Some sites require that you have a website, some don’t care. Some want you to apply for their program so they can approve or deny you and some will just give you links so you can go ahead.

          If you want to learn more about what I do, you could check out the program that I mentioned at the end of the article. They also have an affiliate program where you could earn $1 for every referral that sets up their profile and $22.50 for every referral that gets a premium account. There’s also training that shows you the best strategies for promoting the program.

          Tell me what you’re interested in promoting and I’ll find some sites you can promote.

          • Ashish says

            I want to earn but I dont have any website so please tell me i m interested in promoting and I know will find some sites where I can promote and earn but will they pay of my work..???

  7. Ashish says

    I want to earn but i dont have a website and m interested in promoting so plz find some sites which can pay for promote.

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