How To Make Money With Clicksure


So you’ve come across the site Clicksure and noticed that there’s an opportunity there for you to make money.

But how do you actually make money with Clicksure? This is a question that you’re no doubt asking yourself.

There are actually two ways for you to make money with Clicksure. I’ll cover them in this article and I’ll also tell you why you should probably skip Clicksure altogether and use the other alternatives available.

Making Money with Clicksure

Making money with Clicksure is very similar to making money with Clickbank. Clicksure and Clickbank are two affiliate networks that operate in pretty much the same way.

You can sign up to both as either a merchant meaning that you have a digital product or service for sale or you can sign up as an affiliate marketer to promote merchants for a percentage of every sale. These are the two options you have for making money with Clicksure.

More than likely, you’re probably looking to earn money as an affiliate marketer because you don’t have a product of your own. This site deals with affiliate marketing so I’ll focus more on that in this article.

How Affiliate Marketing with Clicksure Works

If you’re going to make money with Clicksure, you’ll need to first know how affiliate marketing works. Below you will see a simplified diagram of  the process.

Affiliate marketing diagram

The first step says that you add the link to your website. If you don’t have a website as yet, don’t worry because getting one isn’t as hard as it may seem. You can usually start for very little investment and I can even recommend a place where you can get one for free.

To make money with Clicksure and affiliate marketing, the first thing you do is to click the “Affiliates” link on Clicksure and click the “Get Started” button. There is no fee to join Clicksure or any network as an affiliate.

You then set up your Clicksure account by entering some personal details so that you can get paid. When your account setup is complete, you can then begin the earning process by selecting merchants to promote.

The Earning Process

To earn money promoting Clicksure merchants, you’ll need a good knowledge of affiliate marketing and how to advertise online with a website. You won’t become an expert overnight from reading just one webpage but I’ll just give you a quick overview of how everything works.


You can either research each of the steps below by searching on Google and Youtube for tutorials or you can get structured step by step training by creating a free account at Wealthy Affiliate, a site where I learned how to make enough money to quit my day job.

Ok so here’s how it works.

Step One: Find a product to Promote

The first thing you need to do is to find a product to promote. You can browse the Clicksure marketplace to find something or you can join a list like JVNotifyPro where they announce new launches. Most of the products you’ll find at Clicksure caters for the “make money online” niche but there are other products as well.

Step Two: Setting Up a Blog or Web page

After you’ve found something to promote, you’ll need to get the word out so that you can send people to the merchant and hopefully earn commissions after those people buy.

One of the best ways to do this is to set up a blog or webpage and write content that relates to the product. Kinda like what I’m doing here with this blog. Writing reviews of the product works very well and if you can get the keyword (“product name + review”) at the top of the Google search engine, then you have the potential to earn a lot of money without spending anything on promotion.

Once you own your own website, you can also promote other programs and make money for months and years to come.

Setting up a blog or website is very simple. You’ll need to get a domain name (less than $10/year) and you’ll also need to get web hosting (about $7/month). The other option is to set up a free website which you can do to get a hang of the process.

Either option involves installing WordPress, which may sound intimidating at first but once you have web hosting it’s just a matter of clicking a couple of buttons and your site is built for you by the software. You’ll need to choose a design to make your site look unique and you’re ready to go. It’s that simple.

Step 3: Target Relevant Keywords

This step is part of a process called SEO or search engine optimization. You choose a keyword that you think people will be searching for to find the product you’re promoting and you write an article about it.

For example, if you’re promoting a product called “The Clicksure Profit System” (I made that up), then you can be sure that people are going to search for things like “clicksure profit system review” or “does the clicksure profit system work” or “can i make money with clicksure profit system”.

All you need to do is pick one of these keywords (or all of them), write an article about it and post it to your site. You’ll name your article after your keyword and Google will pick it up and post it to their search engine. If you write a great article, you may even find that you’re #1 for the keyword. This means you’ll get more visitors and more sales for your effort.

What I’ve outlined above is basically how promoting stuff online with a website works. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Clicksure or Clickbank or any other affiliate program.

Warning about Clicksure

Although you can make money from Clicksure and I’ve outlined the process for you, I would recommend going with an alternative like Clickbank.

The reason I say this is because Clicksure has gotten a bad reputation among affiliate marketers for having a lot of scam or low quality products in their marketplace.

Promoting such products can give you a bad reputation as well and it can also lead to high refund rates so even if you do make money initially, you’ll probably find that they get refunded and you end up with very little.

I’ve written about this before as one of my reasons why people should stay away from a certain product on the Clicksure marketplace and sure enough that product turned out to be pretty much worthless.

There are also lots of discussions online from affiliates about their experience with Clicksure and they all painted a not so pretty picture about the affiliate network.

In any case, you can make money with Clicksure but there are other more reputable networks available with much better products.


    • says

      Trent, you don’t have to stick to Clickbank. There are lots of other great affiliate networks out there and even lots of great affiliate programs that aren’t on any networks.

      I have found that these affiliate programs on the other networks are more trustworthy than anything on Clickbank and Clicksure and they will convert better. You should try to promote other programs other than what’s on Clickbank and I’m sure you’ll make more money.

      • crown says

        Jay please can you suggest 2 or more of such affiliate networks? Clickbank can be crazy @ time! Thanks to my email please.

        • says

          You can try these:
          1. Shareasale
          2. Linkshare
          4. eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network
          5. Amazon

          These are just some that I work with and have been paid by.

          • says

            Yes these networks have been in business for a long time and they’ll be in business for a long time to come because they’re that legit. They all still work.

  1. ojo says

    jay Gumbs

    pls how can i make use of clinkbank to promote products because am novices about this kindly help me out my email is [email address hidden for privacy reasons]. Thanks

  2. Precious Imafidon says

    Please,do you know anything about, are they scam or legit?please explain little on how they operate if you know please thank you

    • says

      I haven’t heard about them before, but they seem more legit than Clicksure. It’s an affiliate network where you’re free to join and promote herbal supplements like the popular Raspberry Ketone.

      I’ll have to do a bit of investigating to really know if they’re scam or legit. I might do a review on the site and notify you when it’s posted. For now you can probably test them out yourself since it’s free to create an account and see how it works. If you happen to do that, let me know about your experience.

  3. Bobbi says

    Jay, thanks for your honesty!! I always want to do affiliate marketing but i need to know the best way to learn it. I did get your info but i need videos. I am doing this on my android as no computer. Where should i get the best info? Please help me as i never have money!! I want to work but i have a severe bone desease. I may not be here next year and would love to live a better life and leave my son with this knowledge. Sorry so long!! I dont want toy spend alot of money. Thank you, Bobbi. Ps. Is wealthy affiliate good?

    • says

      Sorry to hear about your condition, Bobbi.

      Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start. They do have video lessons and you can get started without a credit card. I would suggest finding a computer that you can use though like a family member or an internet cafe. I think it would make things much easier.

  4. kelly says

    I am very skeptical about this stuff, they go on and on then say its free?
    then what do they tell you a small fee, thought they said free?

  5. ajit kumar says

    hi jay gumbs my name is ajit iwant to know from you that which is best for affilate work
    click sure or click bank
    because i really need money please tell me about both of this affilate work

  6. ajitkumar says

    hey myname is ajit kumar i have send you twotimes message brother
    i write this to ask or help
    i am a student of 12 standard . i want to try click sure or clix bank for affilate work
    brother i want to know from you that whichof them is best for affilate work
    because after 12 th i have no money for take admission for higher education my financial condition is not good please help me brother how i can start this work brother
    ireally need this job brother please help me or reply me i am in very critical situation please reply me fast
    bhai agar ap samajh sakete ho mere problem ke bare me to please help kijeye hum janan chate hai ki hum isme sin up karne ke bad age kya kare kyo ki is bare me thoda sa hi jante hai .please bhaia ap mujhesikhe sakte hai ye affilate work please bhaia agar ap mere is message kajawab dete hai to hum ap ko mobile number denge ap ko hum sab batainge apko mere problen ke bare me so bhaia please reply me fast bhaia ji mujhe help ki jarurat hai bhaiaji abhi ap ke siwai help karne wala koi nahi hai please bhai reply me its urgently

  7. Carol Lummus says

    Hi Jay! Thanks for the article! I looked up Clicksure because my husband has just signed up for $150 to get a code. He is not a good writer, ie grammar and spelling, have we just wasted money on a pipe dream again?

    • says

      Hi Carol, it sounds like he wants to make money with affiliate marketing but signed up to Clicksure as an advertiser. If this is the case then your should contact Clicksure and tell them you made a mistake. Advertisers usually have their own product so they have to pay a fee to Clicksure while affiliate marketers are needed to promote the advertisers so they can get a free account to get the codes and links they need.

      Affiliate marketing by the way isn’t a pipe dream. It’s real and can be learned. Check out Wealthy Affiliate for an affordable learning experience.

      As for him not being a good writer, there are solutions to this like taking the time to learn how to write better, or getting his content proofread or doing video instead. Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.

  8. Gemma says

    Hello jay,
    Sound so good that you can make some money for sure in cliksure according to the advertising video and offer me a $19.oo dollars pitch in money. Some time is just to good
    to be truth. jay did you think the Cliksure are legit or not?

    • says

      The $19 is for what they call VIP Affiliate where you get Skype support and training etc. Not bad except that I’m not a fan of Clicksure for a lot of reasons. There are a lot of complaints about them not honoring their own Clicksure refund policy and they approve all types of scammers and let them sell their scam products on the platform.

      I won’t recommend Clicksure to anyone. There are too many alternative networks with much better products that you can feel good having an affiliation with.

      • skylar says

        you know it would be nice if someone could give me some advise without trying to sell me something. i have 0 money thats why im here i cant afford to bye anything till i make some money. so dont waste my time unless your actually trying to help me.

      • mindy says

        Are you serious about the selling scam products? Cause I just signed up with that site. I am a stay at home mom looking to make a little extra income and have been looking for the right site now for a couple years. That would really suck.

  9. Grakola Jamaraja says

    I remembered being a member of Click Bank back in 95 to 2001. I can tell you this you will never get the money you earn. Those guys will not pay you the money you made and this is the TRUTH. Do Not Promote any of them. I suggest to you , try to build your site and find your own product to market. It is Time to stop the SCAMS. Listen, do not waste one single second of you time doing that. If you got time to burn spend it with your family and friends not on Scams. Thanks.

    • says

      I’m not sure Grakola. You say ’95 – 2001 so I don’t know what your experience is but I can tell you that I’ve been an affiliate of Clickbank from 2006 to present (8 years) and they always pay every Wednesday on time, every time. They have never missed a payment, nor have they paid late so I can confidently say that there’s no scam when it comes to Clickbank.

      Clickbank has a somewhat strict approval process when it comes to merchants so they can weed out the scammers. So the majority of the products on Clickbank can be trusted. As for payment, the network is responsible for the payments, not the merchants so you know you’ll get paid even if you decide to promote something new.

  10. Anthony says

    Okay… So .. Ive done SO MUCH research on trying to find a online job and ive only came across scams and jobs you have to pay for upfront… 1. why would i be looking for a job if i had money ….. 2. I dont have any friends/family to help me. im 20 years old so im really on my own. id like to make a TON of money in the next 5-8 years with doing SOMETHING on the web. Im really smart with computers so idk what to do or where to start. Id like to get started on something thats reliable, stable , and that i enjoy which is preetty much everything and anything. if you could email me at [email address removed by admin to protect privacy] with some ideas that would be awesome. im about to et evicted so i need to do something ASAP. not here to vent but i just thought maybe a few friendly people could help a young man in desperate need….. please ….. -Anthony

  11. anna says

    Hi, Jay, I am so exciting to read what you wrote above. I really like to know how I can start to make money in Clicksure and who can teach me how to do that. I am very interested in for making monry on line and I studied it for some years. Please reply me as soon as you can. I really appriciate that!

  12. dave snider says

    I just finished watching a 30 minute video as a special invite regarding a mobile phone code. The promoter said he was giving this info free to a select few, which included me.I just got lucky, he said. I really don’t trust these ads anyway but was curious after they badgered the hell out of me with emails. What really alerted me was one of the required fields of personal info (part of the application) was the 3 digit security code on the back of my bankcard.Nobody needs THAT!! Just the numbers on the front.They would have cleaned me out! He was asking a $49 pitch-in fee. I don’t understand this countries civil leaders.While they’re willing to go to great lengths to shed gallons upon gallons of blood halfway around the globe, shouldn’t they be just as willing to declare all out war on these scammers? They’re worse than traitors, horsethieves.They should be hunted down and shot!!!

    • says

      If you’re talking about Mobile Money Code then you did the right thing. Lots of people have been asking about it and it’s not worth the time of your day.

      About the security code thing, many payment processors do ask for the code because while someone could steal your credit card number and try to make a purchase without having the physical card with them, they would not be successful because they don’t know the code (unless they stole the code too). It’s really for your protection against fraud. Ironic, I know.

      I agree with you about the last part of your comment.

      • Dave Snider says

        Thank you very much for responding so quickly. I’m a total greenhorn (newbie) on the internet and I am definitely looking for a way to make, at least, a living online. I’m not quite sure I follow you though about the security code on my bankcard. If ANYONE has the face number and the security code,what’s to stop them from taking and just keep on taking? I mean,..They could!! So-o-o!! You tried Amway did you? I still believe in it as an institution,..but..I don’t know…I guess it just isn’t me. It seems to take a long time and can be very discouraging. Their products are good though. Even though I would know what to do with millions, I don’t need that much, My health is fading and we’re ALL running out of time. Do you have any ideas what an old greenhorn saddletramp could start off with to make some chump change? Yeah,..I’m an old fart now! 63! I’m a painter by trade and good at it!! Better than most! It has also been to my detriment ,alas!! I’ve been blackballed three times in my 40 yr career. It seems I threatened the job security of the other employees by moving along too quickly. I was just trying to put my best foot forward and nearly got one up my butt!! I work for a latino company now because , where i live, jobs are scarce and at my age,….well…you get the picture. I make only $8.00 an hour,.. about half what I used to,..but they’re all great guys! They’re great workers also. WE WORK!! I can keep up with them though.They’re surprised at that! A hundred more like them and we would repaint the entire east coast(where Sandy struck) in a year,..I would bet! Thank you again Jay, for communicating with me. I have really enjoyed it! My real name is David Reifsnider

        • says

          Nice to meet you David.

          If ANYONE has the face number and the security code,what’s to stop them from taking and just keep on taking? I mean,..They could!!

          Not really. Your bank card has a Visa logo on it, right? Or Mastercard? Whichever one it is, the security code is verified with the credit card company electronically through secure servers. So the scammers don’t actually see your credit card details which means they can’t use it again unless you’re on a rebill.

          You could try affiliate marketing. Maybe it’s for you and maybe it’s not. I’m working on an article that will show you different ways to make money online but I haven’t started yet. For me to give you your options here would take a long time and more space than I should use for a comment.

          Whatever you choose to do man, I wish you all the best.

          • anna says

            Hi, Jay, this is Anna and I have studied this program for a while but I am still a little confuess about how to make money with Clicksure. I am so interested in this and I need help to show me how. I watched the Vido for may times try to understand it. I really like someone can teach me how to get start it. Please and I really appriciate that.

  13. ajit kumar says

    hey jay gumbs can you please tell me about any online job by which i can earn money because i dont have computer . so that ‘ s why i want any online job which can help me please tell me any job like form filling data entryplease tell me i really need this brother

  14. ajit kumar says

    hey brother jay i have make my account on click bank . i also have make my new 4 website but how i prefer people to buy my products from website .what i have to encaurage peoplke to buy my products of click sure from my website so i earn commision please tell me brother jay gumbs please message or reply me . because i really need money
    so brother please help what i have to do to get more traffic on my website to earn commision please reply me
    please reply me fast

  15. seeking justice says

    Greetings Jay,
    This is my first time reading one of your reviews and I must say I respect your work with these reviews, you’re one of the few I’ve had the pleasure of coming across that at the very least seems to call things as they are. I’m not kissing ass but I calls em like I sees em. Anyway I’ve just recently been scammed by clicksure, the site it was affiliated with, or perhaps even both, though as of now I can’t be sure which of those it is. I distrusted the product from the start, but the clicksure system seemed legit, calmed my fears, and fueled my curiosity. So, I provided my necessary payment information and was charged. All seemed well at first but in the end I never received my purchase, so I requested my refund, but then I was charged again and again. I don’t see my self as a victim but as a fool who’s learned a lesson the hard way. Do you think my bank account is doomed? If so, I can cut my losses, but I want to put an end to the possibility of these scams affecting anyone else, including the other affiliate marketers that work honestly, and the way I see it these scams should go through at least what they’ve done unto their vulnerable prey. Would you agree? If so how could this be done? If not, why not?
    Hope to hear from you soon but I understand if you’re busy,

    • says

      I agree with you Josh. These scams are bad for all of us and should be stopped.

      Both Clicksure and the site you paid scammed you. If you tried getting a refund and was denied, I suggest printing a copy of the Clicksure Refund Policy – you can find it on their site – then print out a copy of each of your requests with them for a refund. You can then take these copies to the bank that issued your credit card and ask them to do a chargeback. You can also try reporting the company in question – the one you bought the undelivered product from – to the FTC.

      Clicksure is kinda tough to get at though because they’re based outside of the US. I hope you get some kind of recourse against the scammers though.

  16. ajit kumar says

    hey brother jay gumbs can you tell me about mobile money code they tell that you can earn 40000$ monthly is this mobile money code is good thing or bad thing please tell me my friend wants to buy it please tell me about it brother

  17. ajit kumar says

    hey jay gumbs bro i have 3 websites can i use these websites for wealthy affilate work please tell me immediately

    • says

      If you haven’t made any money as yet then you have too many websites to start with. You only need one. When you understand how to actually make money online then you can go get more websites.

      I’m not sure what your websites are about but I’m sure you can definitely use them for the lessons on Wealthy Affiliate.

  18. ajit kumar says

    hey jay gumbs brother about your experience hoew much did you take time to earn money in wealthy affilate . and whats your frist earning in wealthy affilate lease tell me

  19. ajit kumar says

    hey jay gumbs brother i want to know from you that in click bank and click sure wecan use many websites . there is no limit of website use in both these
    but is there any limit of website use in amazon affilate work or ebay affilate work
    ifthere is any website limit then please tell me how many website can i use in amazon and ebay or if there is no limit of website use then please tell imediately brother

    • says

      There is no website limit. You are not making money and as someone who is, you need to take my advice and focus on ONE website. Follow the lessons on Wealthy Affiliate.

  20. says

    Hi Jay. Well, I have been a free member not doing anything at Wealthy Affiliates for about a year. In that year, it has been one crisis after another, culminating in the death of my father just a few weeks ago. Now my husband and I have the house that we shared with him for 23 years, but neither of us is working. CRISIS EXTREME. So I was watching a video about Clicksure and looked up some reviews and came across this forum. Your answers to questions highly impressed me, and I have now upgraded my account to Premium so that I can finally begin to learn how to do this. I am desperate and I am willing to try just about anything at this point.

    Thank you for creating this space where some actual conversation can occur. So many of these things seem like they are fake. The threads often read like one of the marketing videos for these places – and not that there is anything wrong with marketing, just that I like when this sort of forum is full of real people having a real discussion instead of some creation to make it LOOK like a real conversation that is not really happening.

    Anyway, I do not know what I am doing. At ALL. And I am nervous at even spending the $19. But I had let my free access to more training expire, and I needed to restart that in some manner, so I am trying to start anew. IF you have any advice for someone who is just starting out, anxious as all get-out, and needing moral support (which I am also assuming I will get at WA), do please drop me a line or two. I appreciate your candid presentation of things here, and thank you for helping me to finally make the decision to try it. May it help to solve our problem here. And quickly before we lose everything.

    My email is: [hidden to protect privacy] Do feel free to contact me. DO feel free to let me know that this is not as daunting a task as it seems! And thank you again.

    • says

      Hi Holly,

      Thanks for the comment and I’m glad that you find my website helpful. Also thanks for connecting with me on social media. Also, sorry to hear that you had a rough year and my condolences on your father’s passing.

      I admire your will to make this affiliate marketing thing work. I understand your situation and your need to earn money now but I must warn you that desperation is not a good state to be in when it comes to affiliate marketing. This can make you do irrational things, like buying the latest course or Clicksure software which sometimes can leave you disappointed and feeling as if nothing works. Since you’re a Wealthy Affiliate member, you have everything you need laid out in an easy to follow, paint by the numbers way that can help you succeed.

      As you’ve admitted that you do not know what you’re doing, I can tell you that it’s going to take a while to see any substantial amount of money. I didn’t make anything worth talking about until my second year in affiliate marketing and I didn’t even have the resources you have right now. It will work if you seriously commit to doing the lessons and taking action.

      My advice to you (or anyone just starting out) is to follow this outline:

    • 1. Work through the course – lesson by lesson.
    • 2. Do each action step and check them off as you go
    • 3. Ask questions (start a blog, classroom discussion or live chat) when you don’t understand something
    • 4. Before you move on to the next lesson, make sure that all the action steps are checked off (because you did them), and skim though the lesson again before you move on.
    • The most important step is to ask lots of questions when you don’t understand something. This is what worked for me when I was just getting started and I picked up stuff really fast because of this.

      I’m not sure who you are on Wealthy Affiliate so I’d appreciate if you could connect with me and drop me a message. I’m always available to answer questions if you do need help. You can find my profile here.

  21. says


    I just created an account on ClickSure and found the products very suspicious, so I don’t want to continue as I don’t want someone to get ripped off by my affiliate links. What is your opinion about my decision?

    I am having some sales on Amazon and also doing Google Adsense. I think I should focus on them more, and I might try ClickBank as well.


  22. Jose says

    hey jay just real quick i just saw the video mobile money code soposely I’m been privately invited for this its making me wanna get it they do charge a 49.99 support fee idk the video make it looks so legit and it even say garrante that is works what can you tell me should i sign up n actually earn money or it just a scam like always. also real quick what can you tell me about click bank. plz and thank you jose

    • says

      Mobile Money Code is a scam. It’s stuff like “privately invited” that manipulates people into spending their money on useless junk and these scammers know it. Others have asked about this Mobile Money Code again and again and one person even emailed me asking me to refund her money (which is confusing to me because I have no affiliation with Mobile Money Code).

      Clickbank is legit and a great alternative to Clicksure. I’ve made money promoting products from Clickbank since 2006 and they pay on time every time as long as you meet the payment requirements and thresholds.

  23. Marshall Prestia says

    If I made a clicksure account and I realized the whole thing is just me. How can I refund my money and cancel the account?

  24. Titus says

    I have loved the way you put things
    straight forward not mainly restricted only to profit margin.This can make people like me give you their attention! Thank you!!

  25. MarLuc says

    Good day Jay
    Firstly, thank you very much for your posts, comments, time, help and most of all, your integrity. It is such a rare thing to find these days and myself and my wife have been scammed by several “top” pay sites (frequently with even [what I assume to be staged] good reviews). We are blessed enough to make ends meet, but would like to EARN a way to spoil ourselves a little as well. We are also very supportive of troubled family and help as far as we can, but it is seldom enough…
    Now it seems there is real hope for us and our loved ones due to your honesty and dedication. For that we thank you. We will be joining a couple of your suggested programs and hope to report great success soon.

    God bless
    Lucy & Martin

  26. Nadesh says

    Hi jay
    I ran into your blog because I was looking for reviews on clicksure. I am embarrassed for promoting there product first and then reviewing there company second. Now I need to take down all the links to where ever I have promoted their products because I do not believe in promoting scams. I want to promote legitimate products that can actually help people.

    It’s funny I am a member of WA I had no clue you were also discussing this affiliate program as well. I haven’t been able to afford the upgrade but I now it is worth it. Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start. To be honest I find making a website difficult with wealthy affiliate so I am using weebly instead. Other then that their instructions are awesome. Thank you for your honest reviews. I hope to one day have a blog or website where people in search for reviews on something and my website just pops up like yours did. :)

    • says

      Don’t worry about it. People make mistakes and it’s good to see that you have good intentions and want to do the right thing.

      Thanks for commenting.

  27. Jay Hands says

    Hi Jay

    I’ve been trying to get into the affiliate niche for quite some time now
    (without much success) the problem I seem to have is coming up with
    a unique domain name (every single one I’ve come up with is “already taken”)
    and then there’s the extra cost of hosting which is pretty high in every provider
    I’ve come across, can you give me any advice on the matter?

  28. Dan says

    I’m agreeing that ClickSure sucks. The reason they suck is that they allow rip off parties to set up there. I wasted time and money trying to get the seller to actually sell what he/she was offering – online multichannel TV broadcasts. There was no tech support. I never got to communicate with an actual human. It sucked. Take caution/cover.

    • says

      It depends on what you want to use Facebook and Twitter for. If you mean to promote affiliate programs then yes but you’re going to have to constantly be promoting in order to see any money. And you have to do it right (without getting blocked by your followers or unfollowed).

      Having a website is a better deal because your content works for you 24/7 even while you’re sleeping or out clubbing.

    • Dan says

      Agreed. They let jerks offer stuff to millions, but the jerks aren’t prepared to do the customer support required for any such business. Beep ’em.

  29. muratha says

    hey’ jay this is james ad nice to know you ,I have signed in with and I wanted to take aweb site there to promote on facebook is this agood idea ,tell me the easy way. thanks

  30. isaac says

    Hii Jay ..
    Greetings of the day !

    i am very happy to read all the comments mentioned above. I was planning to join in clicksure before reading this now i am going to join in wealthy affiliate with your suggession. Anyways i will write to you later.


  31. Enamul Kabir Sarker says

    I read your article very attentively as a prospective Affiliate Marketer. It offers excellent insights on Cliksure. I learnt some necessary information about Clickbank as well alongside Clicksure. Thank you very much,indeed.

  32. Habib Khan says

    this is very innovative article indeed. the warning about clicksure is pretty well as it is totally spam and short term business.

  33. ajit kumar says

    hey brother jay gumbs i want to know about paypal from you that in which i have to make account to receive money from online website jobs or affilate marketing
    in [ an account for individual ] or [ an account for bussiness ] these are two types of account in paypal please tell me

  34. sarah411 says

    I got an email from Clicksure. I THINK the infomercial was so freakin long, The husband and wife spent the most part of the video talking about how much money they were making and very little about how, what it was other then using a cellphone app? Confusing. I wish people selling this stuff would just get right to the valuable information. !) What do you? 2) What does it cost to get started? PERIOD. all that other shit is like listening to the grownups in a Charlie Brown movie. WAWAHWAHWAHWAHWAH. So in the end they mentioned or something. So out of all that talking I’m sure I missed the only info that was of any value, out of sheer boredom

    • says

      Paypal won’t work with Clicksure. However you don’t need a bank account. Clicksure pays via a Payoneer Mastercard. You send in an easy application for the card and they set you up with a US Bank account and send you a debit card. When Clicksure pays you, they send the money to your Payoneer card and you can then withdraw it at any ATM near you.

  35. Olivia says

    Hello Jay,
    I’m new to clickbank and I don’t know what to do. I’m very interested in online marketing but I have no knowledge on creating website. I recently lost my job and I’m looking for other ways to make money. I have bought a domain and west hosting account. Can you please email me or we can skype. I really need your assistance

  36. syed muhammad ali bukhari says

    Hello Jay Please For God Sake Help Me. My Father is ill with Brain Hemorrhage from some months and his right side is not working he cant walk even he cant speak and sit. Sir I want work as an affiliate as i have of affiliate experience with clicksure was working with clicksure but now i dont know why clicksure did restricted my id :-( i was earning from clicksure to pay for traffic for clicksure affiliate links and my father’s treatment but i am very very sad now even i want die coz i cant find any way to pay for treatment.
    Please suggest me any other good cpa high commission site like clicksure and clickbetter Please Help Me anyone Email me.I will be really Thankful to you bro.

  37. Michaels says

    Hi boy
    I have Clickbank account but please tell me how to make earn money Clickbank.
    Please I am very tension. Please send me video learn or tutorial

  38. Bill says

    ClickSure is loaded with scams, especially Binary Option Scams. But even more disturbing, they are not trustworthy. A few years ago I had my credit card inundated with fraudulent charges immediately after making a purchase from ClickSure, not once but TWICE!. For those of you that don’t know ClickSure is based in China, a hotbed of fraudsters. Never purchase anything from ClickSure.

    • says

      Thanks for the comment Bill. I hope others will take heed this warning about Clicksure and not purchase anything from them. The additional benefit is that you’ll save yourself from inevitably getting scammed.

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