How To Promote Clickbank Products

Clickbank homepageWhen it comes to making money online, one of the places that is recommended for affiliates now starting out is Clickbank.

Clickbank is an affiliate network where you can find information products and services that you can promote and earn up to 75% commissions.

The reason why Clickbank is recommended is because it is very easy to get started – just fill out the form and you can start promoting within minutes. However, it is not as simple as grabbing your affiliate link and posting it everywhere online, a typical newbie mistake.

Where To Start

There are lots of different ways you could go about promoting Clickbank products from posting ads in magazines to posting a link in your forum signature.

Results may vary depending on your choice of promotion and even the product that you chose to promote.

No matter how you chose to promote your product, you still need to get a couple of things right before you can even grab your affiliate link. This is something that held me back in the beginning because I didn’t understand until a bit later.

The first key to promoting Clickbank product is either (or both) of the two points below.

  1. picking the right product
  2. picking the right niche

A common mistake first time Clickbank affiliates make is to chose a product that looks good to them (probably one they think will make a lot of money) and they try to promote it. Inevitably, they’ll check their account and stare at the zeros, then they’ll go to Google and type in “how to promote Clickbank products”.

The first thing you should do though is to find a niche market (group of people who the product is for) or find a product then try to figure out who it is for.

Finding the perfect niche could be about what you’re interested in personally, one of your hobbies or something you’ve had experience with.

moneyfishingMaybe you’re passionate about fishing – in this case you could promote Clickbank products in this category because of your knowledge about this niche market. If you chose a fishing product instead with no knowledge of the niche, you’ll have a tougher time promoting the product.

Whether you chose the niche first or the product, your next step would be to do the proper niche research.

Get To Know Your Niche

This is a key part of promoting products on Clickbank. If you decide to skip this important step, you would run into all types of problems with your promotion.

Someone who has a passion for the niche they’re promoting already has some type of knowledge they could use. If you decided to choose a product where you don’t have much experience with the niche, then this is even more important.

You can go about getting to know your niche by finding relevant forums (like fishing forums using our example) and seeing what people are talking about. You can get content ideas, keyword ideas and even ideas about other things to promote. Most importantly, you’ll grow your knowledge of the niche so that you can write about topics without sounding ignorant.

Promoting Clickbank Products with a Website

The preparation techniques above are very important  to promoting Clickbank products – do not skip them.

For the actual promotion, you’ll need some type of website or a place where you can create content. This can either be a free website or a hosted website where you buy a domain name (

I recommend buying a domain name for this though (but you can still use a free website if you want to test things out first).

Your first step is to buy a domain name that is relevant to the niche you’re promoting. Continuing with our example, you can buy a domain name like:


After buying your domain you’ll need to get hosting and install WordPress ( you can get free web hosting and free websites at Wealthy Affiliate).

Once you’ve set up your site, you can then write your site’s content which should comprise:

  • Main pages (home, contact, about me, etc)
  • various articles targeting your niche
  • a page dedicated to the product you’re promoting – can be a review of the product
  • a page comparing your main product to at least 2 similar products (optional)
  • dedicated pages for those products (optional)

You will then promote your site, especially your product review page, with various methods of promotion. You can continue to add articles to your site in the form of a blog. Each post should attract more and more people who will be interested in the Clickbank product which should get you consistent sales.

Because you now have a hub for your niche, you’ll now be able to add more relevant products from Clickbank and other affiliate networks that are useful to your readers.

Promote Your Site

So you have your site set up but you’re not done yet. You should then have a plan to promote your website in order to maximize views. This can mean more sales for you.

Here are a few ways you can go about promoting your website:

  • Write articles (link to applicable pages, ideally the product review or comparison page)
  • Add your site to your signature on forums where you participate
  • Set up a Facebook page for your site
  • Make other social media profiles (Pinterest, Twitter etc) and participate
  • Do Youtube videos and like either directly to the Clickbank product or to your reviews. Embed these videos in your site

Each day you should be maintaining your site and adding new content. This can help you to become an authority figure in your niche which can only lead to more sales and opportunities

This is just an outline of a method that works for promoting Clickbank products. You can get free step by step affiliate training at Wealthy Affiliate if you’d really like to become a better affiliate marketer.

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  1. says

    I think a lot of people think Clickbank will give them instant riches. And a lot of people give up. You need to keep at it and try lots of different methods of promoting. Find out what works for you and continue to promote.

  2. John Rich says

    The main problem of most affiliate marketers is that they can’t focus. They promote tons of affiliate products in a time and finally they earn nothing.

    So, my advice to anybody who really want to make money online is to FOCUS! Choose only one product to promote,(make sure the chosen product is highly converted!)and give your fullest effort to market it online..


  3. Chalon says

    I would love to know could you give me some tips and tricks more in depth about using and promoting click bank I get stuck time to time. I also wanted to know would you consider giving me a copy of your blog list of emails so I can promote my products to them. Im offering a good price $50 or more

    • says

      Sorry, I don’t have an email list for this blog and I’m not sure if that’s is a good way to do what you’re planning on doing.

      What you really want to do is to get an autoresponder (like Aweber) and build an email list from scratch. You can use other people’s email lists to build your own then promote your products to them.

      The key to actually making money with an email list though is to give your list useful content that they will actually find valuable before you start promoting stuff to them. This way you can ensure that they trust your recommendations and it will become easier for you to make money from that list.

      Good luck.

  4. hasheem says

    hi i read you article, it it helpful. i have start Affiliate marketing. please give me some best tips to start my affiliate marketing.

  5. robert says

    I find this post being very interesting because I see myself being that person posting a bunch of links from Clicksure and seeing no results. Very new to the affiliate game yet I’ve had a Clicksure account for a couple of months just no direction and not enough training or info about what to do. I work a 9 to 5 and looking for more avenues of income….so I thought let me see if there’s a forum on Clicksure affiliate marketing and luckily found my way here…. I am going to look into more of your blog posts and check that wealthy affiliate site out….I know there’s potential I just have to find the way this article was somewhat of a motivation to seek further information, thanks!

    • says

      Wealthy Affiliate is a good starting point. I suggest not promoting anything else from Clicksure. They’re misleading a lot of newcomers to affiliate marketing and 99.9% of their offers are scams.

      • robert says

        Thanks for the advice Jay, and would you recommend affiliate marketing to people who are usually using the internet on their phone to make posts I’m sure a lap/desktop is more recommended

        • says

          I’ve tried using a phone to post. It’s tough. I’m more comfortable with a laptop which is what I use on a daily basis.

          The only time I use a phone is to check my accounts, send and reply to emails, manage comments and other minor stuff. If you’re going to take this serious, I definitely recommend using a laptop or desktop computer.

  6. says

    Hey great article, I’ve been in information overload of late! I run a photography blog and am currently putting together 2 ebooks and a video series helping people take stunning photos with what equipment they already have. How would I even begin to get this promoted on somewhere like clickbank?

    Thanks for all your cracking info on here!

    Many thanks,


    • says

      Hey Leon. Once you get listed in the Clickbank marketplace, I think it would be easy to slowly get affiliates who will promote your product. You can get more affiliates faster if you actively try to get affiliates by doing some or all of the following:

    • – List your product in the correct category and subcategory
    • – Have a great sales page that you’re constantly testing and improving
    • – have a great affiliate page with affiliate tools (banners, etc) – check out other Clickbank products affiliate pages for ideas of what you can offer
    • – recruit your own affiliates through forums, social media or paid ads
    • Here’s an article from a Clickbank Knowledgebase that might help.

    • says

      You can upload videos to YouTube (this is probably the best way). You can also get a free blogger blog but I’m guessing that you’re not interested in writing content because there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a website.

      Think outside the box. I read somewhere that someone was using Fiverr to have flyers printed and distributed that sent traffic to their Clickbank hoplink. You can also do ads in print media like newspapers or magazines – this is how I learned about affiliate marketing.

      Other than these, I don’t know anything as effective as having your own website, building an email subscriber list or paying for ads on networks like Facebook, Google and Bing but I won’t mention those because they also work best if you have a website.

  7. khaled says

    Hi everyone!
    you almost keep talking about having a website as a must to promote CB products. But the problem is free website are not well ranked on main search engines even with a lot of work on keyword research. I’m working on CB since 2 years now but getting almost no great results…

    • says

      This is why you’re encouraged to buy a domain name and get web hosting so that you can install your website and write quality content around the Clickbank niche product that you chose to promote. Free websites have a lot of problems and you should avoid using them if you can help it.

  8. AnwerAshif says

    Is there any ways to promote clickbank product without anyinvest?
    As a newbie it’s tough to invest!

    • says

      Sure, you can try uploading videos to Youtube and put your affiliate link in the description of the video. That’s one way that you can promote Clickbank products without investing anything.

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